New Secondary Objective "Conquest"

Since we only got scriptures and grimoires (and whatever happened to the “collect Relics”), it feels very narrow as to what extra you can do to get some more exp and money.
And because scripts and grims dont really make the game more fun as you just scan the whole map for them its rather annoying to deal with those objectives, but thats another topic lets get to the point.

Pretty much all it does is add flags on the main way to collect and then it triggers a horde or boss spawn, you then have to kill the boss or 80% of a horde to successfully claim the flag.
It would be divided into Boss Conquest and Mass Conquest, as the names imply, Boss Conquest makes you fight a boss and Mass Conquest hordes.

In Boss Conquest you only have to collect 1 flag, for Mass Conquest 3.
The flags will appear on the main path and will be easily spotable, as they are optional challenges and finding them should not be the main part of it.
For Mass Conquest, flags should have even out their spawns so there wont be two flags in the same area like 3 meters away (deciding the flag spawnpoints will be the hard part).

Once you get to the flag, your whole team has to be around the flag so someone can collect it (you need to hold E down for 4 seconds). The range will be the same as base-coherency range. If your whole (alive) team isnt around the flag to be collected, you cannot collect it. To avoid trolling to trigger the flag on purpose in a bad situation.

When the flag is collected a horde or boss (depending on the conquest) will spawn, like said before, when the boss or 80% of the horde is dead, the objective is cleared.
Zola (or one alive member) will shout out to prepare for enemies incoming and to fend off the attackers (you dont actually have to stay around the flag while fighting the horde/boss).

And after the objective has been achieved, Zola (or one of the alive members) will shout out that the job is done (in case of the boss) or that the enemy is giving up the position, and then Zola (or the member) will say to continue the mission.

This secondary objective is hopefully somewhat more fun than script/grim collection and mixes up the usual “seek and collect” we have right now.