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One of my all-time favorite games has been the 2014 indie game called Betrayer. It’s a first person shooter set in the 17th century and you have been sent from England to help a struggling colony in Virginia. When you arrive, there is no one to be found. It’s about the Lost Colony of Roanoke and it’s damn fascinating.

Since it is an indie game, there are no voice actors so instead you do have to read the dialogue from the various ghosts you encounter. They had a very small budget. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the excellent story. You have to answer questions and based on your answers determines what happens. You will definitely have to question your morals.

There was supposed to have been a sequel but, unfortunately, Blackpowder Games fell off the face of the Earth. There website that’s posted on the Betrayer Steam Store Page no longer exists and they haven’t posted or commented anything since December of 2015. No one really knows what happened to them. They just vanished. Much like the people of Roanoke (yes, pun intended).

Since Fatshark has a larger budget than Blackpowder Games, they might be able to actually make the sequel to Betrayer with voice actors and better graphics.

This will not only give some closure to all of the Betrayer fans (game ended on a cliffhanger) but will be also open Fatshark up to making other games not Warhammer related. Don’t get me wrong, I loved V2 but the Ubersreik dlc patch botched my game making it unplayable (thanks for changing how ping is calculated making lag worse instead of getting dedicated servers). Brilliant.

This game would totally be up Fatshark’s alley as the weapons are from the 17th century and are similar to the weapons in Vermintide. The only problem is whether or not Fatshark is even going to be able to purchase the rights to the game as no one knows what happened to Blackpowder Games (maybe Steam owns the game now?). I’m not really sure how that’s going to work but I would pay $60 for the sequel.

I just want to know what happens to the lady in red.

At this point, any ending would be better than no ending.

If you’ve never heard of the game, I posted a link to the Betrayer Steam Store Page. It’s an excellent story-driven game and it will not hold your hand. There are no objective markers. You are equipped with a paper map, a compass, and you have to rely on your ability to see and hear in order to investigate what happened to the Lost Colony. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to a full immersion game. It can be played in black and white or in color.

The best way to play this game is in black and white with all of your lights off in the middle of the night. It gave me nightmares for months on end. The creep factor is definitely off the charts.

Betrayer Steam Store Page

@FatsharkJulia and @Fatshark_Hedge pass this idea to the dev team as a possible new project for a future non-Warhammer game. It’s a super cheap game but it’s incredibly fun and interesting so someone in the studio should play it (possibly showcase it in future stream?). A lot of people were disappointed when the hopes of a sequel was crushed when Blackpowder Games vanished without a trace.

Also, you can throw tomahawks. That’s honestly the best part of the game.

Just so you know, nearly all their games are not warhammer related. If I remember correctly, on the xmas stream, they even listed how many games they’ve done, around 50. Their big ones are listed on the main website.

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