New mutation entry elite resistance

New mutation entry elite resistance

Elite resistance

All elite enemies have health+100% and damage+50%

Garbage Gunner: 2101

Shield Guard: 5402

Crusher: 5000

Harvester: 7500

Wild boss health+50%

30000 → 45000

35000 → 52500

Captain boss health+37.5%

32000 → 44000

I only tested this part of the content and didn’t read anything else

Also seems like overhead attacks can just 1 shot you at full toughness (which is complete garbage, considering how often the game still suffers from lags and bad hit registration).

You mean reaper?

I’m guessing they used a translator.

You can really feel them being tankier. It’s quite nice actually.

I just find that this makes things difficult for the Psyker, since Brainburst doesn’t scale that well with the health increases.

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Think health on scab is up also. Bolter round doesn’t make them pop, takes two.

Not liking the new mode, making bullet sponges is the lazy way to make things harder. If it was just elites, might like it more. I think there could be multiple ways to make things harder but not feeling this one.


I’d give that a try. As it is, it just feels like a slower version of low intensity.

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