New mod for mission

the plague out break! round 90% of all stuff is just poxwalker on mass like when it’s normal it only spawns like group of 5 to 10

but with the plague out break mod it change it to 30 to 60 for the group and that for more normal spawning, so sit down for a long haul of melee out and mow them down.

weapon vault been looted!

cause the spawn rate for range mobs to go up in mass, you will see less melee and more range spawns.

and at the end of the mission if you beat it have a higher % of getting a free weapon

salvage is plentiful cause more spawning of the crafting mat.

vandalism is crazy ( need better name)

every other med station you can not use at all because it was trashed to the point of no repair.

Booby Traps: Some barrels, crates and doors may explode when approached.

Would be hilarious to me