New maps and compatibility paddle

Good morning. Hello,

I have two questions:
1/ Why on the Steam page can we read that the controller compatibility is only partrielle?
2/ It is March 8th, the official date of the game release and yet we do not have access to the other cards.

(PS: I already see a DLC of announced via the collector’s edition version, I hope you will not do as with the 1st part… DLC with almost nothing for almost 15€!!!)

Yours sincerely.

i also can’t understand how people use the controller to play fps games. i know there’s a raging debate always going on but to me it can never be as precise as the mouse n keyboard

The DLC mentioned in the collector’s edition is for another game (the original Vermintide). Confusing, I know.

Besides that they will probably release DLCs in price range of 10e or thereabouts with the amount of content that to some is “almost nothing”, if the previous game is of any indication: Map packs of 3 maps were about 8-9 euros if I recall correctly (and I am personally fine with that, for the record).

yeah loco87 is a narrow-minded person, unfortunately the more it goes the more I have the impression that the community is made up of people of this type.

The filter stopping you from posting replies with trash-language is there for a reason when you use the words you use. Bypassing this earns you a vacation from the boards. Respect the filter. Respect other users. Stop posting trash language in our forums. Thanks.