New Map Type Request

Hello Fathshark and forum people,

I would like to make a suggestion to a new direction in map level design. Here is what I would love to see in new maps.

  2. Narrow Pathways
  3. More Cliffs to Push off Enemies

Reason why i’m posting these suggestions. I am seeing a trend towards bigger maps with multiple spawn points. These lead to constant 360 degree flank exposure. Its frustrating constantly having to turn and fight of single enemies at a time. Also enemies jumping down from high unaccesible points is really cheap because they attack very fast after they recover from their fall. I would much prefer narrow pathways with more cliffs that you push/shove/bomb off enemies. If the map is to defensive or easy just spawn more enemies.

More cliffs to push off players with rattlings, firerats, CW punches, banner explosions, bestigores, assasin jumps and monster’s melee.

What can possibly go wrong here? :thinking:


There is nothing wrong with the current map designs. At least that part of the FS team is doing a solid job.
It’s really sad to see that FS learned nothing from V1, where map making took a long time and didn’t build the second game so that it was easier and faster and we’re not forced into these content droughts.

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And don’t forget about bots hanging from cliff to cliff ;)!


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