New Kerillian Outfit disappeared

Earlier today I saw the new outfits for the heroes, one for each. I could not purchase it right away due to financial reasons. Later I looked and the outfit for Kerillian is gone - just missing from the shop. I tried restarting my game and restarting steam, but no fix.

Here is an attached picture of the store - only four options. It was not on the “featured” tab anymore either.

Can’t remember where but I think it was temporarily taken down due to some issues. I think it will be back later tomorrow.

Nope, can’t find source right now. So take it with a grain of salt.

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I see the Shade one.
Edit : the “sale” price is higher than the striked one :joy:
Edit 2 : after restarting the game I no longer see her.

Also interesting they don’t appear as DLC on steam like all the other hats. I prefer it that way tbh.

It’s been pulled because various issues, it’ll be back in the morrow!


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