New Huntsman passive doesn't work

Wanted to test if the new huntsman passive procced conservative shooter/waste not want not, didn’t work on dummies so I went into a mission, only for it to not go off on the chaos warrior I tested on either, no stacks consumed, and no noticeable damage boost or ammo reward from conservative shooter/waste not want not.


Can confirm, doesn’t work at all no matter the ranged weapon.

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Yup, completely broken. The stacks of guaranteed HS don’t get consumed and nothing works.

Issue has been identified. Going to rebuild and patch it tomorrow morning EST. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Also, Shade’s Blood Fletcher description is unchanged. It should probably mention the added internal cooldown as well.


Huntsman’s ammo regen on headshots (Waste Not, Want Not) doesn’t work either.

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Same with me, it is not consuming stacks at all on body shots and there is no apparent damage difference

They didn’t change the description for fire from ash either so I don’t expect them to do this.

and Merc’s walk is off still says 40% and not the 25% is says in the patch notes

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