New cutscene and story

Gotta say I’m invested, definitely wasn’t expecting a cutscene that good and and an actual story now with named heretics to go after. If future updates continue like this the games future is looking great.

Well done fatshark.


All of this. It looks great and I’m hyped for more in the future.

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My favourite part of this new mission? Hearing the Traitors panicking and sh*tting themselves over their Vox comms as you kill more and more of them.


It’s a decent step in the right direction for sure. I really enjoyed the new dialogue in the mission, as well as the mission layout as a whole.

It was also nice hearing Brahm speak?!?! hadron bantering with her was fun.

YES YEEEEEESSSSS, I love that type of stuff in games.

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It makes me happy to hear them acknowledge that there’s something wrong when they lose contact with a whole garrison of troops in a couple of minutes. It’s even funnier because we jam their comms so most of them can’t even radio HQ for support, and then their HQ starts panicking because their units have gone dark.

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