New Cloak of Mist talent (Shade) enables unlimited ammo with Volley Crossbow [July 21 patch]

Cloak of Mist now gives 4 seconds of guaranteed crits, which is enough to discharge a full Volley Crossbow clip, replenishing 30 shots with Scrounger.

Suggestion: make Cloak of Mist not affect ranged attacks.


But… it’s fun! >:(

As often happens, they seem to make changes without thinking all that much about them, I agree this shouldn’t affect ranged attacks, seems silly that it does to begin with.

Part of me is kinda okay with this, seeing as Volley is Shade’s exclusive weapon.
But yeah it is pretty nuts ammo sustain for a melee career.

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The whole Talent is a such a bad Idea. Cloak of Mist and Vanish will just make you erase Patrols with any weapon, not just with certain ones. Someone either forgot about Vanish, or about crit backstabs instantly killing mansized Targets.

But Iam glad they start just tossing stuff onto the table, even if its elgi nonsense that has no buisness to be in the game.

I disagree with it being a bad idea, specially given that you are basically changing the ult from boss damage to patrol damage, lets remember cloak of mist removes the huge damage bonus from the first hit.

EDIT: what does vanish have to do with anything? this only affects the skill.

Running Cloak of Mist + Vanish results in practically infinite crits/stealth/ammo.

After Vanish ends, Shade gains 4 seconds of crits, which can either be used for scrounger volley or chained back into stealth. (Requires Cloak of mist to do so)

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If it’s proccing with vanish, I’m 100% sure that’s an oversight, and obviously shouldn’t be like that.

They are certainly not adding a virtually 100% crit after nerfing 10% from DD.

Shade passive - Murderous Prowess: Critical hit backstabs instantly slay man-sized enemies.
Shade Talent - Vanish: Killing an enemy with a Backstab grants 3 sec of stealth
New Shade Talent - Cloak of Mist: Bundles the top two into combo Talent called “Murdering everything that can count to four, while having vanish up during the whole time and at the end to get out of the crap zone before someone can harm you.”

Shade already invalidates GK pretty hard in every aspect. This Talent change together with Vanish just takes a big dump on his face.

With Dual Swords you can insta kill 4 eiltes and back into stealth into repeat thanks to vanish.

I think the talent is a good idea since the MURDERED Volley Crossbow’s ammo source Bloodfletcher.

Shade is not a range career. She does not need supreme ammo generation, nor is she entitled to it. Her Talents and Passives never needed ammo generation to work, it just made the whole career that much better.

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I know how shade works, thanks, I did indeed reply to you yesterday when you were just randomly saying things that were not true about DD.

I’m certain vanish proccing the 100% crit is an oversight, obviously, that’s broken.


Most likely Vanish + Infiltrate shares the same code.

Chaining Vanish stealth is actually kinda finicky in game, not as OP as controlled tests or on paper.
(Easy to accidentally land frontal attacks)

I imagine it’s an oversight though.

You have three seconds to pick a target and hit, while not being able to be molested by aggro. Thats half the duration of a Hunters Prowl.

Calling this anywhere near being okay is a severe case of elgi umgak.

FS probably just forgot about Vanish, because it didnt see any use ever, since it shares the row with Bloodfletcher.

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Procs with anything scrounger. Can’t use blood Fletcher for hags? Just pop ult now and spam even more.

I love the change. It’s much more fun playing Shade. This is what an assassin should feel like.
And no game is ever perfectly balanced, in the end it’s all about fun. And since there is no PvP it is not bad. Other classes and talent combos are also strong and no one complains because it’s fun, bounty hunter for example. If it were up to me, every class would get such strong combos. And if the classes should become too strong you can change the difficulty level after cata or cata 2,3,4 etc. or just use Deeds and Twitch mode. So it won’t be too easy and still the playing style is fun.
So Fatshark likes more of these talent combos, I vote for more buffs + no nervs = more fun !

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