New class: Rasknitt for fun!

In love of Vermintide it would (maybe not lorewise but whatever) be fun to see Rasknitt make an appearance as a class! A poisonous class with the ability to summon rats as aid, maybe 3-5 skaven assisting you and taking aggro.
Or maybe his laserbeam shooting in a straight line from above.

This may not fit lorewise but damn would i buy it!

Blessings of Sigmar



While I’m sure many people would probably enjoy this addition to VERMINTIDE. There are 2 problems with this.

  1. Games Workshop would never allow such a thing to be done as they are very… tense with how their intellectual properties are upheld
  2. How would a Skaven even a ‘somewhat powerful’ one end up conveniently where the events of Darktide take place.
    thank u for coming to my teddy speak thank