New BH ammo regen talent

New BH ammo regen talent (20% ammo gain when out of ammo on elite kill, melee kills reload ranged weapons) feels very weak. Tbh imo this talent only viable to use with repeater pistilol, which eats infinite amount of ammo. I feel like it would be cool if “melee kills reload ranged weapon” would also give 1 ammo per kill.

For me only reason to take this talent is repeater pistol with hunter proc on it to maximise burst damage from charged shot

20% ammo on kill for BH is 12 bullets, which is 1 full case/clip and half of a case for repeater pistol. That means you can spent so much 4 shots without loosing full clip/case charged shot power. 4 bullets for repeater pistol is nothing tbh. Very small gap.

What I suggest: make “reload ranged on kill” actually gain ammo up to a 1 more case/clip. You are 0/0 on ammo - kill elite and you are 0/12 - kill 8 more enemies and you are 8/12.

As for other weapons, they wouldn’t gain much and 30% dmg reduction is much more preferable talent for other ranged options, which do not suffer with lack of killing power, clip size and accuracy as much as repeater pistol does

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