Need more Xbox attention from Fatshark/CMs

Used to play VT and VT2 on Steam, but am now a console player (I know, I know, but please no hate). Simply put: the Xbox community gets very little attention it seems. This is especially true when comparing to my time playing on Steam. Steam has more regular news, developer updates, and SALES on skins, DLC, etc. Example, I follow the VT2 official club on Xbox and the last update was 53 days ago…the last update before that was 1 year ago. It has been over a year since I have seen any skins or classes on sale on Xbox too. Base prices are cheaper on Steam, sales are regular on skins/classes, and there are more frequent updates. I want to feel like a community on the Xbox side, but I feel rather like an afterthought. Can we get a response here regarding more interactions/updates, maybe a skin/class sale? Please, Fatshark – Xbox players are looking for attention :slight_smile: