Need Favorites system + Will crafting have a grinder?

I’ve picked up a LOT of weapons on some characters. Same ones have extra money, so no need to sell. I’m imagining there will be a grinder in the crafting system eventually to get plas and diamond and blessings off weapons…

So I’m sitting on a lot of items and it’s getting to be hard to find my specific laser rifle when going there from say, my specific plasma gun.

We need a favorites system, and we need a dev post on when the rest of crafting will be up.


YES! I was just thinking about this. I’ve been buying up weapons with blessings that I want on the assumption that when the crafting system is added I’ll extract the blessings. But it also means I’m managing a huge scrolling list of stockpiled weapons. It would be great to have a favorite button (cough, vermintide 2…) that pins favorites to the top of the list.