Mysterious Fix <3

I hadn’t played in a while and came back for the anniversary event. I decided to start working on my 100 hat challenge for all the careers I haven’t played which includes everyone except the Mercenary career.

I noticed that my Footknight career was at 14/100 so I decided to play A Quiet Drink on Legend but every time I completed it, my FK career was stuck at 14/100 for the challenge. I played the weekly map once a day every day since March 5th when it released.

I never reported it because it’s a temporary map and it’s not a big deal at all since the map will be removed after the event.

Today, after the patch (that I still don’t know what it was for), my FK career went from 14/100 to 15/100 after playing A Quiet Drink.

So, whoever fixed it, THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3 Much love <3

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