My summarised Kruber feedback (UP TO DATE)

1h Sword: Good. This weapon is solid at its role as mobile hordeclear, headshot multipliers are always a good way to reward skilful play. The problem is that it feels redundant when the Greatsword is now more mobile and the M&S is the same or better at everything now.

1h Mace: Mostly good. The weapon maintains its identity as a mobile CC tool with moderate hordeclear and AP, and is still rightly outshone by hordeclear weapons.

Greathammer: Good. Bear in mind because the profile of the heavy was pasted into the push-attack, it now counts as a heavy for Grimnir’s Focus on Slayer.

2h Sword: Mostly good. Giving more power to lights was needed, but it doesn’t feel right to be so mobile with heavy attacks, consider increasing the MS slowdown again, 1h sword loses its niche by now being less mobile than the GS.

Mace & Sword: Too good. This weapon feels very strong now. In fact its hordeclear is crowding out 1h sword, much the same as the greatsword does. Consider removing Linesman from the heavies (there’s also a problem with the heavy’s cleave where it’s higher than it should be).

Halberd: Good. This is one of the best changes of the BBB; the weapon maintains its diverse attack patterns and has multiple styles of playing, overall feels more fluid and functional. One thing I will mention is that in the rebalance mod the heavy sweep had armour sliding, which I think would greatly benefit it now. Just some way to make the heavy sweep feel more rewarding with such a long windup.

Executioner Sword: I don’t think it needed a nerf. It has its weaknesses, and its high pickrate wasn’t because it was overtuned but because most of Kruber’s other options were notably lacking. Having said that, the weapon is very strong, and if I were to change it at all I would shift damage from its light attack bodyshots to headshots, so most of its damage is loaded into headshotting.

Tuskgor Spear: Good nerf to the weirdly high innate BCR. HOWEVER, while closer to being balanced, the design of the weapon feels odd for a spear. Perhaps something for the future, but a spear’s strength should be in its thrusts, not in its sweeps, just feels weird. If it was reworked I think a good idea would be to make its identity the same, but through cleaving thrusts instead of sweeps.

Handgun: Good. This is a good QoL buff, though I would prefer to see its unscoped spread be a little less… spread.

Empire Longbow: I think an option for toggling auto zoom needs to exist. Currently when you try to do consecutive zoomed shots, there’s an annoying delay before zooming out again.

FK talents:
-Trample: I like this because it makes you feel like an actual battering ram, however I don’t think it should go through bosses.

FK’s other talents need more testing ATM, I only have feedback for Trample currently.

The nerf to WiO was deserved, but also deserves more. Ready for Action could do with not being so strong. Frankly while he’s still giving such an enormous amount of THP on ult it will always make him the top tier Kruber pick.

THP and DR feels too much like it’s encroaching on FK’s defense-support identity and makes FK pretty well obsolete given how much offensive power Merc gets himself as well. All I know is that currently Merc is much too powerful with his ability having so many defensive bonuses packed into a 90s CD. That’s not to mention Merc has the highest base ability generation in the game, meaning he gets more CDR for being hit/hitting things than anyone else.


Regarding the Sword & Mace - I don’t think any nerf is in order.
If anything, I would consider a buff to the charge attack’s cleave, since with how good the light attacks are now, the heavy attack feels a bit pointless unless used against single targets.

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The damage profile is very, very good. However, the hitbox is one of the worst in the game. It has a very wide hitbox immediately inside your character; however, as the range extends, it becomes shaped like the pointy end of a cone. The cone shape occurs pretty rapidly, so you rarely hit more than a couple targets with the push stab.

Big agree. This would already exist if I was smart enough to add it into the code lol.


I couldn’t figure out how to apply it to longbow without it applying to every ranged weapon huntsman uses

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Yeah. Copy/pasta from elf didn’t work because it’s a passive rather than a weapon trait.


I strongly dislike this proposal.
Partially because it wants to get rid of something that defined Merc from the day game went into a closed beta.
And partially because your proposal essentially makes Merc a discount WHC. We already have a character, who shouts to give an offensive buff.

If anything, just making his “damage reduction” shout not provide any THP would be more reasonable nerf, since it gives a huge lot of survivability anyway.

Personally I’d rather his shout not give damage reduction at all, and just gets replaced with something else. Why does a shout give damage resistance? It’s not thematic and it’s not what he should get with his shout. Damage resistance for the party is what I’d imagine a Warrior Priest would get by using a Shield of Faith active ability.

Well, the damage reduction does go in line with the “inspire” theme of his ability. (Like… Why temporary health is okay, but damage reduction is not?)

But I get what you mean and don’t have anything agains it being a different character’s ability.

Well it’s a game at the end of it all, but the way I see it is that tHP is adrenaline, and Kruber hypes everyone up with his Morale Boost (which is what the ability is called).

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I just meant that Damage Reduction can pass as Adrenaline too.
Anyway, as I said - nothing wrong with making it a Saltzpyre Warrior Priest ability/talent :smiley:

I get that. At the same time, it doesn’t really make a ton of sense with the merc character design. He’s a melee dps career. Not a tank career. FK already has the support/tank thing covered for Kruber.

I think it would be cool to steer more directly into Kruber’s wheelhouse though by giving like 25% attack speed, 50% damage cleave, or 25% DR for 10 seconds with the base ult giving like 15 hp and 10% power. That way he’s more clearly defined as a dps, which is what he should be with his damage output.

I’ve edited my original post so that it’s up to date with the current changes and with my increased testing time; saves just posting a new thread, sorry for the bump.

Just came by to say i agree with this for all 16 classes. All high pick rate weapons dont need any nerfs when fatshark leave the majority of weapons to rot for 2+ years with either no changes or changes so minor they dont matter in the slightest.

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