My summarised Bardin feedback

While that’s a fair point, often I get hit by a bardin who is sitting comfortably in the backline. I find it hard to blame them because when I did the 1000 kills weapon challenge I found it rather difficult to actually snipe specials or elites without doing way too much ff damage. The weapon is slow to come out, has alot of weapon drop, and lowish projectile speed. That’s why I think the high amount of friendly fire damage is needlessly punishing.

Yeah that too, it’s that annoying thing where you don’t deliberately aim at your teammates but you hit them anyway because they suddenly move into the way. With most weapons (especially the hitscan ones) that’s much harder to do by accident unless you get a handmaiden dashing forwards or something, but with the throwing axes it’s very easy, especially when you use light throws. Even strafing at normal movement speed or a single side dodge is enough for your teammates to get hit that way.

Share and share alike has the same problem with other talents in the row that aren’t Grugni’s cunning: giving up too much ranged damage from a lack of ammo. If ranged is RV main source of damage and I can’t fill my ammo pouches because ales keep dropping, I’m mostly useless to my team as a roamer. This is especially bad on low ammo weapons like the grudge, and to an extent crossbow as well. But on the flip side, Grugni’s cunning often supplies an excess of ammo, especially with a team consisting of only 2 ranged characters, or a waystalker supplying their own ammo.

There needs to be a balance between useful drops and ammo recovery. Maybe make the ale drop at a lower percentage, but also drops with an ammo pouch.

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