My Opinion of BBB So Far and Ideas About Possible Additions

So far, BBB has been a rollercoaster to say the least. Some changes have been great. Some changes have been horrible. Other changes have become great over time. Some changes I would like to see have also been included. I have over 700 hours in Verminitide 2 now between console and PC. All of my Heroes are maxed out and I’m familiar with every career. So, as changes have come up, I’ve gladly tested them and attempted to form an opinion on everything. So below, you will find various classes, careers and weapons which I feel the desire to share my opinion of. Also, if you find any errors or I’ve missed recent changes, feel free to correct me.

Please bear in mind that this is mostly meant for the development team. Though opposing viewpoints and additions to my own are quite welcome.


  • Mercenary: I was a little surprised by the nerfs to Merc. Granted, the reasoning for his nerfs were warranted and I really don’t feel like he needs anymore changes. Maybe, a very soft maybe, he could receive a passive perk that increases temp health received. That feels like a bit of a push though – just a brainstorm.

  • Huntsman: This career was my bread and butter starting out with higher difficulties. I absolutely disdain 90% of the changes to him. I feel that getting rid of his passive ammo regen was a bad idea especially in favor of Free Shots. I was kind of okay with Sure Shot but with the right build, Huntsman didn’t need this perk. The buff to Longshanks was a welcome one. Ultimately, this rework feels hasty and unwarranted. If anything, he just needed buffed in his original state.

  • Foot Knight: I love the changes to Foot Knight. I definitely feel like they’ve improved this career tenfold and would love to see his current build stand. The only way I can imagine a further improvement for Foot Knight is if they buff his revives the way they did Kerillian’s. Maybe a passive perk granting temporary damage immunity to revived allies.

  • Grail Knight: I know this is a new career and therefor has yet to be touched by BBB. That being said, he should be. I love this career. The only issue I have with him is the massive amount of damage he does to monsters and lords. They should make it so that he can only do half to one third of a boss’/lord’s HP per ultimate.


  • Ranger Veteran: I love/hate the changes to Ranger Vet. The passive smoke regen for allies is great. I feel like the passive health should maybe get bumped to 5 per second instead of three but otherwise a great change. The passive ale feels useless to me. Neither me nor my team remembers to pick the ale up. I definitely preferred receiving ammo when my caches were picked up. I feel if anything, that ale drops should have replaced the Scavenger perk.

  • Iron Breaker: This is another class who’s rework I feel has been really great. I love the added functionality he’s received as a tank. Things like the party block buff have been a great addition to his functionality as a tank. I also like the stacking offense buff since it makes weapons without shields more viable. I’d like to see these changes stick.

  • Slayer: If there have been changes, I am unaware of them. Feel free to educate me or add your own input on my behalf.


  • Waystalker: Waystalker has never really needed touched in my opinion. So, I’m glad they’ve left her alone. With one exception, that is. I feel like Asrai Vigil is a perk which should be given to most ranged weapons. In my experience, most people aren’t even aware of how to trigger it or that it’s not passive. What would they give her in exchange? I’m not sure. Maybe a reduced threat passive – just another brainstorm.

  • Handmaiden: In her current state, I love Handmaiden. I have always honestly disdained using this career. The added functionality of Ariel’s Benison has given me a reason to experience and enjoy Handmaiden more often. Perhaps the only way in which I feel she can be improved, is her dodging. I feel a passive granting something like 5% damage reduction on dodges would be nice.

  • Shade: I’m less familiar with Shade than I am with Slayer. I know there have been some buffs to her but I know nothing about them. So again, feel free to educate me and/or add your own feedback.


  • Witch Hunter Captain: I’m glad they’ve left him alone. He definitely doesn’t need to be touched.

  • Bounty Hunter: The only change that really left me seething was the change to Bounty Hunting from ranged crit cooldown. Granted, I understand why they did it. Bounty Hunter’s ability to consistently use his Ult was indeed broken.

  • Zealot: This is another class I’m glad to see they’ve left alone. With one exception. I feel Zealot should receive a passive to block/minimize healing received. A lot of Zealots dislike receiving healing and people who don’t play a lot of or any Zealot don’t know about his low health buffs. It has been quite tedious asking to not be healed. A passive of this nature would quell a lot of future toxicity and improve Zealot play in general.


  • Battle Wizard: She is another career I’m glad is untouched.

  • Pyromancer: Again, glad she’s been left alone mostly. I would change/buff Blazing Echo, however. I feel that the inconsistency of this perk makes in weak. I feel like it should either be triggered by ranged hits in general or provide cooldown reduction.

  • Unchained: I feel like the changes to Unchained were much needed. Yes, I had a lot of fun playing her before her changes/buffs. I have even more fun playing her now though. Heavy Attack Burn Push feels great to use, especially in light of the flail buff. Health to Cooldown has never worked when I’ve used it, sadly. I do feel like it’s conceptually a great idea. Fire Aura is amazing. The only way it could be better is if it maybe did increased damage or was guaranteed to ignite enemies within its’ AOE.

Still with me? Sigmar bless your weary soul! I’m almost done. You can pretty much skip my weapon comments if you like, all but two simply praise the weapon changes. The two important ones are at the top of the list for convenience.


  • Longbow: Honestly, the change to the zoom disgusted me. I kind of understand why they did it but in life threatening situations, waiting an eternity for a weapon zoom is annoying at the least. Which leads me to my next topic…

  • Ranged Weapons in General: I have been annoyed by the lack of ability to zoom in with most ranged weapons. I repeat a prior idea from above; Waystalker’s Asrai Vigil should be an ability added to most long-range weapons. The handguns, standard crossbows, Kerillian’s longbow, throwing axes, Beam Staff, Bolt Staff and Fireball staff should all have this ability. I feel like it would really flesh out ranged gameplay and end the delayed zoom versus instant zoom debate for good – because now you get both.

  • This is just an idea but I’d love to see more weapons get added functionality like the Billhook and Rapier have. I think it would really expand on the gameplay and add further reasons to spice things up with gameplay. An example of some ideas;

    • Dual Weapons: Offhand stab that staggers.
    • Spears: Leg sweep that knocks down enemies based on cleave power.
    • Flails: Wrap enemies’ neck pulling them toward you like Billhook.
    • Ranged Weapons: If my zoom functionality idea is implemented, it would be nice to see weapons which don’t zoom allow you to push back foes.

Weapon Traits: It would be nice to see some added weapon traits. I would love to see shields get the ability to reflect gunner’s bullets. Any additions would liven gameplay.

  • Maces/Hammers: The mace/hammer buffs were quite welcome. Maces always felt underwhelming. I’ve seen far more people using them and have used them some more myself.

  • Greatswords: Honestly, I had no idea they’d been buffed until I accidentally equipped one. I was surprised by how good they feel to use now and I’m so glad they’re buffed.

  • Billhook: I have enjoyed but also been saddened by this nerf. I’m glad to see that the special used stamina now – it was a needed change. The severely decreased dodge limit really threw me for a loop. All in all, it was a needed nerf. Billhook was quite OP.

  • Flails: Again, a needed buff. The buff to Sienna’s flail is particularly great. The weapon did indeed feel underpowered but now they are all enjoyable to use.

  • Glaive: I used Kerillian’s glaive before the buff and didn’t even know it had been buffed. Once I saw/felt the changes though, I was amazed. The weapon feels great. It’s still not too powerful but now it’s just powerful enough. Especially in Handmaidens hands.

If you read any of or all of that, Sigmar bless you! I hope I didn’t prattle on too much and thank you for your time. Stay safe out there rat slayers!

One thing I will add that is crippling is the removal of BH’S crit reset talent in favor of the buggy and inferior weapon swap buff talent. This is truly the only change that I HATE. BH honestly feels nerfed with every weapon except crossbow when he was already the least picked and weakest saltz career. Hes basically a 1 trick pony boss killer now. There are a ton of threads in this forum suggesting further changes. Hopefully fatshark doesn’t waste all of that.


I absolutley agree on this one probably the worst talent on evry career.

Having gone back into the game and looked at BH then versus now, I can see this too.

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