My Inquisitor: Martyr Psyker ended up being a beam staff Sienna

So I’ve been playing Inquisitor: Martyr recently, it’s a decent game with a lot of heart and jank. I’ve been playing the Psyker and my build involves using a molten beam, stacking crit to dissipate warp heat and exploding when enemies get close… this all sounds too familiar…


Is it good? Good in terms of “its playable like the first Van Helsing which had a certian flair”, not “Space Hulk - we got the license and atmosephere right, who needs AI?”.

I read a lot of people complaining about next to no content, massive amount of bugs and no loot for an ARPG.

Definitely the former. It’s got a solid base with some odd design choices, and it looks and feels pretty good. It’s definitely a slower, more deliberate game than others in the genre. Though saying that there are some builds that let you kinda zip through the maps. There are also some very rough patches though, especially with the maps/generation.

I refunded Space Hulk. It was unplayable for me, AI was not present at all, every level was the same design etc.
Worst game I touched in a while (sadly).

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