My feedback so far about v2.0.x

After these few days, I want to share some feedback about v2.0.x

The global impression is that this major update is awesome.

IMHO there are some points to be improved:

  • one of the most sneaky problem is that all talents are changed, and all characters need to be setup again. A warning popup should resolve the problem. :slight_smile:

  • the general game difficulty is increased, and I have to shift back to ‘champion’ level to learn and finish the missions. Safe points, and spawn enemies are a bit changed and I need some more practice.

At champion level, the final phase of Fort Brachsenbrute is a bit excessive. Skaven swarms are so large, that the last time I did this map, I ended with 950 kills with my elven assassin. Another teammate scored 870 kills.

  • the beastmen… the overall impression is that they are good with the exception of the respawn. They frequently popping out from nowhere usually behind you or at your flank. In a game in which you don’t have to be surrounded, this can be a problem. In one case, I saw one splitting in 2.

  • in the Dark Omen map, the final wave with 3 champions and a minotaur is a bit out of scale.

  • I found the new game mode quite interesting.


I forgot to speak about special spawn rate. Up to now, it is really high (in champion) and frequently you have to face 3-4 specials together.

For example in the final phase of Convocation to Decay, 4 gatlings runners and 1 assassins popped out.



For sure, beastmen respawn shall be tweaked a bit, but I also observed that they are moving without making a single noise (with few exceptions).

There is also a problem with the attack reach of the ‘small_yellow_spearmen’.
It’s huge, and usually in the battle, they attack from 2nd/3rd line through their teammates.
Players have no chance to see and parry the incoming attack.

Also the champion patrols should be slimmed a bit, with smaller banner area.
Beastmen should loose the banner bonuses when coming outside the banner area.



Both the two-handed swords have the same reach of the 1 handed sword.

They are at least 4/3 longer of the 1 handed sword… but the reach is the same!!!

Kerillian & Saltz almost have the very same problem.
Elven 2 handled sword has the same reach of on-handed one (and it’s 3/2 longer).
Saltz 2 handed one has the same reach of the falchion… (and 2/1 longer).


I still think that it is good addition, but all they should be tweaked. From Champion to upper difficulty levels they are too many and too strong (compared to theirs Chaos counterparts),

Champion standards bonus area should be decreased by at least 1/3, and not always you have the occasion to kill immediately the champion.

The hordes are too big and several enemies are literally popping out from nothing or from inside teammates.
They are make no noise with the only exception of the bigger ones.

Spearmen still have a crazy weapon reach… especially compared to players’ ones (2h weapons, spears…). They also hit you through their teammates.

Up to now Dark Omen is one of the hardest map in the game on Champion or higher difficulty level (except maybe for Engines of War).

Minotaur spawning point should tweaked to avoid popups in corridors (like the one right before the 3rd tome).

It seems that silent patrols are back.

I like the maps (the few I played), the upgrade mechanics… but it is not integrated with the existing game.
They still have more sense of ‘Fortunes of War’ for instance, … but (up to now) I see them like the light version of a regular mission.

And what’s about with the seasonal reset?
Should I loose all my upgrades? (HINT: the correct answer is ‘No, you will not!!!’). :slight_smile:



Sienna & Saltz flail animations (mainly the heavy strike ones) are simply hilarious.

The flail head seems to be a weightless flying baloon.

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Missing a textual resource in weekly event:


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