My feedback on BBB

Some feedback regarding BBB 7 patch:

from Cata difficulty perspective



-1ult: dr 25% to 30%

since stacking dr now isn’t as good as before

-2ult: cdr 20% to 25%

With cdr on trinket it will be 35%, 20% looks weaker than other options.


-he’s busted and too good. Probably got nerfed as I write this feedback.

-get rid of it -10% movement speed and -5% dodge range reduction on ult

It doesn’t make any sense, none of careers has negative effect on ult.


-3rd talent on 2nd row: active time 3 sec to 5 sec attack speed on push

3 sec too little to use it aggressively, make it 5 sec at least.

-1st talent 4th row: damage reduction doesn’t work (idk how it affects allies), only 20% bcr works.

Kruber weapons:

-1h sword:

Still bland weapon, only two good things about it: its 3rd light attack and movement (for Kruber weapons). It can’t be compared to Kerrilian’s 1h sword, which receive even more buffs, and even to 1h mace that receive really good buffs.

Don’t know what to do with it, buff dmg on heavy attacks, so it doesn’t feel like most of armor dmg on h1-h2-l3 combo come from 3rd light, or buff l3 even more, finesse or crit chance.
And mb increase dodge count 3 to 4.

-Mace and Sword:

-Little bit of dmg in form of finesse on charged attacks would be nice


8,5% Attack speed reduction is probably too much, still a great weapon, but not so satisfying.

I can see why light attack speed got nerfed, but nerf for heavy is probably too much. Mb 5% could work or don’t nerf speed on heavy attacks.

-2h sword:

Good changes, the only thing that I’d like to see is push attack finesse increase, so taking down lone elite wouldn’t take forever.


Also good changes, but there’s two other things that I would also like to see:

The aim stabilization via right button is too slow, 30-50% speed increase would be excellent, so it doesn’t feel like bringing repeater and kill specials in 2 bodyshot would be safer and faster.

And buff dodge count to 3 or at least 2, cuz this thing is so heavy, it doesn’t make sense that it has only one 100% dodge.

-repeater handgun

-QOL change: buff dodge count from 1 to 2.


Only thing that I’d like to see is changing it’s reload speed of 0,65 sec.

I don’t want it to fire faster, that reload speed is noticeable only when u fire charge shot and immediately switch to melee, and when you switch back, the “reload” animation is playing, it only affects charge shot and only in this situation. It’s only bow with this “feature” and only affect its charge shot.


-Ranger veteran:

-3rd talent in second row: rework to boost “ingenious improvisation” to 30%
OR make it to affect other party members (mb with buff activation to 15%).

5% attack speed is bland, melee builds better throw 5 axes and get 25% power without ammo, and his build-in passive doesn’t have good synergy with his kit and has really low chance to play around it.


-1st talent in 2nd row: Remove decreased damage on low overheat

Its usable on drakegun (but not really needed) and not so much on drakefire pistols.
Low overheat has decreased damage, that not so good for lmb spam and not really affect rmb blast (most of blast damage come from DoT) and it’s really dangerous on high overheat, you can’t swap to melee after shooting as fast as without this talent.

Removing decreased damage on low overheat make talent better for pistols and doesn’t really affect drakegun.

Bardin weapons:

-War pick:

-buff dodge count from 2 to 3.

For easier horde killing and charging heavy attack

-Dual axes:

-buff stamina from 4 to 6 or push cost from 2 to 1 stamina

to use their excellent push attack more frequently.


-buff dodge range to 100

just QoL.



-ult 2: make it affect armored targets.

Current ult doesn’t affect armored targets like other bleed effects do.


1st ult: bring back ranged crits only for repeater crossbow.

Repeater crossbow does not have synergy with shade’s talents and not good enough to pick it instead of bows.

-Kerillian weapons

-2h sword:

good horde clear and below average armor dmg.

heavy1 doesn’t have good damage, finesse or any additional crit chance and looks like it has range of a spear visually, but it doesn’t, also somewhat bad hitbox, scoring headshots with it is kinda tricky.
Charging and recovery after heavy1 is bit long and to get most of it we need to use qq cancel (h1-qq-h1…).
And heavy2 is just useless.

Heavy1 needs something, at least give it some range and lil’ bit faster animation speed on heavy attacks.

-Repeater crossbow: even with buffs doesn’t have any synergy with shade, and base stats on it are just bad to choose it over bows.


-Bounty Hunter

Don’t really sure about Fatshark’s vision of this career. Trying to turn BH into discounted Zealot?

There’s literally no choice in the second row of talents:

1st talent is clearly the best option.

2nd is really situational. I can see how to build and play it and I don’t want to play ranged career with minimum ammo and gimped range damage just to proc some melee power and AS.

3rd one is weak, it works only on volley crossbow and BoP, and first talent in this row boost damage more than this talent (not that smooth tho).

Some rework to that row:

-Second row 2nd talent: merge “last shot power” and “weapon swap buff”

For discounted Zealot builds.

-Second row 3rd talent: Add an additional effect of 50% clip size increase

It will synergize with most Saltz ranged weapons.

-4th row 1st talent: Bring back ranged crit reset on melee kill.

Really dislike removal of range crit reset on melee kill, it was good on BoP and Volley crossbow.

Ult choices:

-1st ult: One way to rework is making it act like Grail Knight quest, mb providing temporarily and repeatable party-wide buffs or items.

The idea is great but it’s situational, too reliant on RNG, requires some team communication to leave targets for BH and on top of that (hopefully only temporary) does not work on beastmen. It can be OP with enough RNG and time on your side and this is bad.

3rd ult: add an additional effect - restoring 1% ammo per kill.

It’s only purpose is killing trash waves and some elite mixed in. Even build-in 30% cdr doesn’t save it. BH does not have reliable ammo sustain outside of scrounger, that buff can address this issue and make this talent more favourable.

Saltzpyre weapons:


Good buffs but A&F does same or better.
Not enough reasons to use it when A&F exists.

Mb little mobility increase will give it some identity over A&F.

-Volley crossbow:

-Reload speed 4 to 3 sec.

Still feel too risky with little reward. Reloading it can be impossible in some situations, but milles better than before buff.
Not so useless as elf version, it has some synergy with all Saltz careers

-Repeater pistol:

BBB buffs clearly aimed at one (and only with this weapon) particular build on BH and overall weapon remains the worst ranged weapon in V2.
RP is bad as spam weapon, bad as special killer and doesn’t have enough ammo to utilize full burst.

Base ammo count is 40, it has too little damage per ammo, even additional 50% on BH doesn’t really change the situation. Repeater pistols have lower overall damage per ammo pool than most ranged weapon in V2 (sniper weapons have lower), and if we take full burst for calculation, it has the lowest.

40 (60 on BH) shots can be converted into 5 (8.5 on BH) full bursts.

Designer comment state that full burst “…it’s the identifying characteristic of the weapon”.

But it’s SOOOO bad. It has lower damage than blunderbuss shot and lower infantry damage than grudge-raker. It has less than 1/3 ammo pool in comparison with other shotguns.

-It needs buff of ammo pool and x2 is starting point.

OR complete overhaul.

If RP will get 80 base ammo, it can be somewhat spammy with lmb shot, but it’s not really that good to take it into account.



-2nd row literally has no choice: 15% AS too good to not use it and other options are trash.

-5th row literally has no choice: “health to cooldown” is the only safe option Unchained has, other talents need to be better.

-Ult row 2nd talent: Increase stagger power

ult does not stagger chaos warrior when he perform overhead or uppercut attacks. And still abstract vision too much.

Sienna weapons:


-Increase Attack speed by 5%

Lil’ bit overnerfed, attack speed increase would be nice for safer horde clear.


-Add combo: push attack-heavy2

Overall good weapon, the only problem is, to access the best anti armor attack (heavy2) we forced to use heavy1.

-Add bleed effect to 3rd light attack

It is same as push attack, but 3rd light does not have bleed effect

-1.5h mace:

-Add burn effect to all heavy attacks.

1st heavy lost its burn effect on Beta.
Heavy2 and Heavy3 have good cleave

It boosts talent synergy with mace.

-Bolt staff:

-Buff dodge count from 1 to 2.

To help charging it in some tricky situations.

Some overall feedback and not exactly on BBB:

A few patches ago ult regen on ranged multihit was nerfed to only one hit, mainly to nerf ult generation on Shade and Battle Wizard.
But this nerf also affects ult generation on Unchained and Pyro and more heavily than BW and Shade.

After patch Unchained can’t risk get some overcharge and some health to spam ranged for ult generation, it’s not even remotely effective as it was before.
And Pyro (main ranged Sienna career) somewhat lost her way to stay ranged.
Nerf also affects IB too, but good melee weapon choices offset that.

Career Cooldown time (seconds) Seconds per hit Seconds per damage
Mercenary 90 0.5 0.5
Huntsman 90 0.3 0.4
Foot Knight 30 0.25 0.5
Grail Knight 40 0.25 0.25
Ranger Veteran 120 0.3 0.3
Ironbreaker 120 0.25 0.5
Slayer 40 0.5 0.1
Waystalker 80 0.35 0.3
Handmaiden 20 0.25 0.5
Shade 60 0.5 0.2
Witch Hunter Captain 90 0.5 0.2
Bounty Hunter 70 0.25 0.3
Zealot 60 0.5 0.2
Battle Wizard 40 0.25 0.5
Pyromancer 60 0.25 0.3
Unchained 120 0.25 0.5

I think numbers in column “seconds per hit” in this table were balanced with idea that career has good multihit ranged option or low cooldown. (All 3 Sienna and IB have good ranged options for ult generation and according to that table, they have lowest value in this column).

-This numbers need to be rebalanced after this nerf.

Little bit of seconds per hit increase on career like RV, BH, Pyro, Unchained is needed, so they can generate their ult faster. Mb on huntsman too, but he’s busted currently.

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