Mousecurser always visible

Issue Description:
Mouse curser always visible.
(Also occurred in the closed beta)

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start game
  2. Enter morningstar
  3. courser is visible and wont go away no matter if fullscreen, borderless or window.
  4. this is also the case within missions

Mission Name (If Applicable):

[Steam/Microsoft Store]

Player ID:
[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
17:24:48 UTC 24.11.2022

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I cannot upload since courser is not shown in the steam screenshots etc.

Upload Console Log:
console-2022-11-24-16.31.47-45e734a8-0265-408e-9fd4-f33250f4e06f.log (345.9 KB)
console-2022-11-24-17.19.47-e5f995dd-6f56-4d27-ba3f-4fc58a0bb7c3.log (6.9 KB)