Most fun change from the BBB?

Before the BBB, I didn’t really enjoy BH a lot, but if I did play him I played the BoP + Elite kills = Ammo build, seeing them make it even better and the Weapon Swap Talent actually made me want to play him more.

Spam switching Weapons during Hordes, and blasting Elites like a cowboy is pretty damn fun. (if anyone knows any new breakpoints pls share)

Also Greataxe is the best feeling Melee in the game. :star_struck:

Which changes do you like the most?

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Oh man FK feels so good now. Always loved the class but felt kinda lacklustre to me with offensive builds previously. Trample and the new aura talents (once they all actually work as advertised lol) feel like just the boost the class needed. Ulting an entire pat to the ground will never get old for me.

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Seeing a FK Conc and go back and forth over a Patrol is funny as hell. The sandman.

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