Most dangerous Special

I voted assassin but really I wanted to chose silent face spawning assassins - Those critters are nasty. Not giving out any cues and suddenly you see a teammate attached to a assassin out of the blue.
Honorary mention would also be the physics bending assassins that can jump around corners and through buildings.

Well, if people want to interpret the question like that then yea. But it is asked who is the most dangerous, not which one is causing personally the most trouble. I would assume to that people answer this on a personal level, however specials causing team wipes are argueable more dangerous than those disabling just a single player at a time.

But it is not an overall serious poll, just some random time spending. At least each special got a vote. So noone needs to feel sad :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean…

But for answering the poll simply consider which Special causes you the most problems normalized over your whole Vermintide experience.

…Causing people the most problems overall is indeed a matter of definition, but its not really asking outright “hey, which special causes you the most wipes?”.

Instead it asks which one causes you the most problems, which i think would normally be interpreted as “which special messes with you the most even when it doesnt cause a wipe?”…Well thats my cent on it anyway.

If you´d outright ask about which one causes the most wipes i think the votes would differ a fair bit, at least i wouldnt hesitate to throw mine at the banners.

I am sure they´re all delighted :sweat_smile:

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That opening is indeed argueably inconsistently worded :sweat_smile:

Assassins are the ones most trouble for me individually.

Double storms are the cause of most wipes for me I think. Getting spread out even further and picked up is almost inevitable when there’s two storms. Those ticks of damage when you land are savage sometimes.

Most of the specials are bad when they’re bad and fine when they’re not.

In the rare one-on-one situations, then Assassin as can be pounce with far less warning then anything else.

But in most heated situations with a mixed horde with elites (and maybe a monster) I actually find assassins less problematic than a hook rat.

The assassin will jump someone but if you’re got at least one ally close by then they can be pushed off. The hook rat can use the rest of the horde as cover (esp behind elites) then snatch someone and drag them away from rescue, they’re also far more resistant to staggering.

If they spawn at the right (wrong) angle Blightstormers can cast their spell without retribution and create a very persistent problem that forces the party to relocate and possibly spreadout.

Gasrats can be similar but unless you’re literally holding a deadend and can’t push forward, you can normally get away enough and often the gas can be actually useful.

Ratling gunners can be terrifying if you’re Unchained.

From most to least dangerous: Assassin > Packmaster > Blightstormer > Ratling > Lifeleech > Warpfire Thrower > Poison Wind Globadier > Standard Bearer.

Assassins get tricky when there’s more than one of them, much more than other specials do. It’s not always easy to see the route a Packmaster is taking and predicting the right time to dodge can be an effort, as can be reacting to the hook sound. Blightstormers have massive damage potential through area denial in a way other specials don’t quite have, + they can mess up pace which is dangerous and can lead teams being in odd spots that still have ambients in them when a horde arrives. Ratlings are slow but the knockback and constant attrition damage at range can be difficult to deal with. I’d put Warpfire Throwers higher if the vision obscuring fire didn’t also stagger other enemies, including CWs, as much. Leeches are slow. Poison Wind Globadiers are usually just free horde dps. Standard Bearers are a joke.

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