More specialized heroes - more dependency on teammates

Right, so with the upcoming fix that’s supposed to restore all the talents you’ve suggested that heroes become more specialized. While that does sound more fun in theory I’m afraid specialization only works in well-coordinated teams. Currently half the weapons turn into pool-noodles when facing armor already, I don’t want that experience for even more types of enemy, to the point where everyone but Witch Hunter Saltzpyre can’t do more than curl up and pray when encountering armor.

Regarding legend specifically: it’s currently too difficult to reliably manage with randoms. That’s in a build where all heroes have enough stagger to deal with hordes, so ranged and melee alike can get out of a tough spot. Even so many times there’s not enough horde mitigation between the four of them to fend the khaos off. Now imagine if only one or two persons in the team can do that. Then playing ranged makes you entirely dependent on the horde-clearing ability of your teammates. If they aren’t good enough at holding the tide at bay you will die and there’ll be no way to save yourself.

I am not looking forward to that.

Not that the current version in which half the classes aren’t even viable is perfect, but at least currently everyone has a class that can hold their own.

Also increase the droprates on cosmetics and reds this is absolutely ridiculous I know people who’ve been going berserk on this game since the very first beta and many of them don’t have a single red myself included.

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