More control over matchmaking "Strict Matchmaking"

The ability to set some prefixes when searching for group, for example search for people level 25<30 when you want to run some Heresy, Damnation difficulty,

Being able to force your own lobby without the countdown timer, and the timer only going down once everyone is ready,
Below the Finding player you should get arrows and select which classes you are looking for.

I dont always want to go into the forums to find groups i just want to play and when low level players are queueing for higher difficulties without being ready or maybe sometimes i just want to play with 1 of each class.

A better way to organize parties is desperately needed. I am sick and tired of ending up in groups with 4 sharpshooters, for example. Or be in a group with 3*30 on Heresy and have a lvl 15 join (or similar constellations). This was much, much better in VT2 (where you were at least gated from certain difficulties by your hero level). Not to mention that you could at least communicate with your party about maybe setups etc without a timer racing down.

This is a perfect example. How can a level 6 queue for Heresy.