More Class Specific Weapons in Shop

I feel like there is a poor spread of weapons in the Armory shop. My Zealot hasn’t seen an Eviscerator or Flamer since she was level 20, and I’ve been at 30 for days now. Every time I open the shop, its lazpistols, headhunter autoguns, and catachan blades, none of which I use. I understand that the weapon pool is randomized, but I really would like to see a more balanced spread in the Armory, geared more toward the class specific weapons that you are supposed to be getting. It’s really disappointing when I have a day off, and I check the store every hour on the hour and find nothing but the most ineffective weaponry for my class. I main the Eviscerator and a shotgun, and again, I haven’t seen either of those in ages. My friend just sent me a picture of his shop for his Psycher, and it’s all autoguns. What Psycher uses an autogun?[]