More Blight Stormer Bugs

Issue Description:
Blight stormers can use the arches during the final event of Athel Yenlui as “cover” from projectiles but can still cast through them. Also the “platforms” with the crystals on them aren’t actually floors and if a blight storm i underneath it you will still be afflicted even though the icon isn’t visible. While the arches do look nice they completely block ults and ranged projectiles from hitting anything behind them yet they can still be tagged. So it’s not necessarily a “hard wall” for the ai but it is for the players. Can we just make it a “hard wall” for all ai and players? How come this isn’t something that has come up before because this is an issue on multiple maps (BS’s casting through walls players can’t shoot through but can still tag through). As for the plarform issue idk maybe make it so the storms can’t go under the platforms? Most enemies seems to avoid going under the platforms anyways unless they’re tracking a player but it seems blightstormer ai ignores a lot of rules set in place for other enemies

Steps to Reproduce:
Get to the final event in Athel Yenlui, look for where Blight Stormers are spawning, they normally spawn on the outsides of the arena and occasionally you’ll see one spawn behind the arches making it impossible to hit them (and since they don’t even tp into the arena itself you can’t really do much about them, they even take cover from kerillian’s ult since it takes the shortest path and doesn’t consider the archways as a hard “wall” i guess).

Map Name (If Applicable):
Athel Yenlui

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
2045 -6GMT

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

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