More Backpacks?

Alright, its been half a year now.
You’ve milked us all with that one backpack as it is. Time to get another new backpack. You could give us the gunner backpacks? Or maybe one derived from those designs?

Please and Thanks,


Apart from new backpacks, I’d like to see other types of accessories. E.g., the ones that wouldn’t cover as much space and hide some interesting details on the backs of certain outfits.


How about a few cloaks?
Could all be rewards for new class penances.

I would really like a sick black cloak for my psyker.


A “Tanith First” Camo-Cloak :slight_smile:

And I wait for my Commisar-Outfit!

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They need more accessories in general. I’m still hoping for special cosmetics being available based on what planet you picked for your convicts origin story. For example, if you picked one of the shrine worlds, you could have a giant tome or reliquary to carry around on your back as a cosmetic.

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Lmao at people who ask for cloaks. They cant even make paid skins that actually function and not clip through the other 80% of potential wardrobe, you think they could make a cloak work?

they could make servo skulls work

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Personally I’d like a sniper’s cloak or urban ghillie for my vet. Some proper backpacks would be appreciated though.

I’m pretty sure that was advertised, so not a chance that it will happen.

I would love cloaks, more than backpack.
However, backpack are ready… They just need to release again paid cosmetics.
I must add that I would like that they give several without paying real money

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How about the Zealot’s chained book on yheir back that’s in the promotional material? You see him wearing it in game during the Crusher reveal trailer.

I for one would love to see carapace armor (Kasrkin), Tempestus Scions* armor and maybe Catachan Jungle fighters getup.

“*” - not sure if that would be lore friendly - after all they are elite and their training starts in Schola Progenium… It could be explained that this is just “gifted” equipment, buuuut… I don’t know.

Powerpack for hot-shot lasguns would be nice… if we had any hotshot lasguns that is…

So long as commissars can turn traitor (actual models exist) Scions are humans, too and thus can fail the very high expectations …
No body is save from punishment - innocence prooves nothing!!!

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We already have an Armageddon Steel Legion outfit, when as far as I can remember in the character backstory sections no one actually came from Armageddon. I don’t think that for the cosmetics side of things they really care about how lore friendly something is lol