Moonfire Bow nerf was overkill

That is the most important feature of the weapon and shouldn’t be removed when evaluating it. If MB had ammo of LB than certainly I wouldn’t even look at it but it does have infinite ammo which is the very reason people use it.

Yes, that would be exactly what MB does atm, and that qualifies as a fine ranged weapon. I wouldn’t understand why you would call it trash tier knowing it.

Idk what you mean by utility here but if you mean versatility, most of the ranged weapons are specialized at doing few things well. Nothing wrong with that. If a weapon is just good at everything that would eventually make the whole arsenal of the character meaningless other than that certain weapon, which MB did before 4.6.

Enjoyment is a subjective matter, and I have very different experience. The patch didn’t kill the enjoyment; instead, it killed what killed the enjoyment. I’m using and enjoying the weapon too, which I failed to do before 4.6.


Infinite ammo and acceptable but slightly weaker breakpoints than the LB make that other weapons are a real thing again on waystalker and sister, otherwise everyone would only run MB on every single elf career. And dont forget that on shade and handmaiden MB is still a decent weapon. For example i play Hagbane, Jav and LB on waystalker and Staff on sister, MB on shade and handmaiden. Having this variety is indeed a good thing i really appreciate.

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