Moonfire Bow is Overpowered


Since this topic got unearthed, I’ll add my 2 cents.

Please, take out a hagbane on handmaiden or shade, and spam it as you would a moonbow. After your 16 shots, which will take about 45 seconds of actual gameplay if you use it like a moonbow, you’re done until you find ammo.
Moonbow is a weapon which has no drawback (other than a “downtime bar” which lasts for what ? 6 seconds before you can fire an uncharged missile ?) and all the pros you could wish for : the most damage output of any base ranged weapon, an AoE DOT, special stagger, infinite ammo… I don’t see how it is problematic that other weapons would perform certain things better than a nerfed moonbow, when currently it does everything better than any of them.

That being said, this is not a moonbow only issue. RVs with handgun do the same, to cite only one example.
Edit : I typed this before @James’ answer, but the point is only made stronger :stuck_out_tongue:

Memes aside, I like option 1 as it differentiates moonbow from hagbane in the context of hordes ; and I like option 2 in regards to weapon identity. I wish they did more towards implementing special mechanics (like recharging trollhammer with grenades instead of ammo, and the weapon boosting grenade damage) - but to stay on topic they could make the moonbow a weapon with “infinite ammo” (while in practice that wouldn’t be true) that wouldn’t really recharge much and that wouldn’t be recharged by ammo drops - but that could perhaps refill a bit on special death to compensate for higher difficulties requiring more ammo.

i dont know if you play much onslaught or cata deeds with more specials, but the downtime bar can really be an issue there. And dont forget, the hagbane bossdamage on waystalker is still higher than the moonfirebow damage, and thats because it has no cooldown bar :stuck_out_tongue:

And how is it relevant to base game balance? You know - the thing this thread is about?


in base game hagbane does still have higher boss damage

I don’t play those, indeed… that being said, what’s your point ? should we balance around C3 DW Ons with more specials deed ? :stuck_out_tongue:
If you play those modes, the point is that specials and ammo are going to be a pain, whether you run moonbow, hagbane or longbow. I do not know about javelins.

Str hagbane WS is indeed… strong monster damage.

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If bosses were encounters, say far stronger than now but no hordes would spawn in the meantime, they’d actually be worth taking the time to fight. .

I don’t think any encounter can really be significantly challenging in a fair and fun way without horde enemies. Even if you look at the hardest boss currently (Nurgloth the Eternal), he’s only really hard on stage 3 because of all the adds coming in. Alone he’d be pretty wimpy. Similarly for monsters currently the point of inflated HP bars isn’t to make the monster harder but to let the monster last long enough for a horde to appear, because that’s the only way to challenge a decent party.

The only way we seem to have to make single lone enemies hard is to add certain modifiers like the current grudge marks that essentially break the gameplay for large numbers of classes and builds. I don’t think having more of those is a good idea.

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