Model Collision Bug

when i play handmaiden with spear and try to block a pack of trash mobs in a corridor to get advantage of the off balance trait 80% of the mob just ignore me and run trough me they even dont attack you when you holding block and wait for them to block a passage.
i play maiden a lot in the beta and it happen everytime if try to block one passage when horde spawn dosnt matter wich map.
it makes a defensive maiden build totaly useless when enemys just ignore you and be able to run trough the player model

i know bad englisch :frowning: i hope you understand what i try to explain^^

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This is one of those things that probably isn’t easy to fix but absolutely needs to be addressed.

My personal favourite is when an enemy runs on top of you, occupying the same space (making them functionally invisible to you), then stabs you from inside your being.

Why the hell are we not solid to enemies but they’re solid to us? It’s so weird and janky.

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