Mob hit range somehow longer now?

Is anyone else feeling like melee enemies have suddenly a longer hit range?

Started to level up a Cleric. And sometimes you just have to move somewhere fast, even with enemies chasing you. but since yesterday i somehow get constantly hit by chasing enemies. When i get that backside hit marker and do a 180, they are 2 - 3 meters away of me.

I mean how the hell do they even hit me in the back, when they still have to make 3 steps to hit me again as soon i have turned around?

Sometimes it seems that the game design just screws with you as soon as you are not looking. Chasing enemies and enemy spawn seems to act like weeping angels from Doctor Who. As soon as you look away, they get you by warping behind you.

This rather fake long range has been a thing forever in tide games, maybe you are noticing it now more? Maybe servers have been lagging a bit more than usual? idk.