Mission won't end

Issue: Mission doesn’t end when all 4 ppl got into exit. it goes blackscreen and stay there.
All 4 players can hear enemies still spawning and I heard one of us got downed and killed during blackscreen.
I exited the mission while others are still there so I’m not sure what would happen if you wait long enough.

Map: Excise Vault Spireside-13 (the one with a giant skull tower)
Difficulty: Heresy

Other detail:

  1. I joined the mission by Quick Play
  2. In the final section where you are supposed to find 3 barrels and put them in place, we found 4.

console-2023-02-23-04.24.42-a9cd6d12-6446-4f93-91eb-967c21d2f532.log.zip (25.9 KB)

Approx time of issue:
2023/2/23 12:40 PM (UTC+8)

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