Mission Enviroment Flavors (Comms DIrector)

I just noticed in the mission hub the voice comms operator is listed before each mission. This is great for actively avoiding Zola!

Simultaneously, a message played in the hub saying something like:

"There has been an increase of heretical activity in Habzone’s Hl-1B-30 Through HL-1B-36 "

This got me wondering, can each different voice comms mission have its own enviromental flavor? They already do with the different chatter and responses, but the levels are identical.

For example, maybe a Mission with Morrow would have more cover (same layout, just more obstacles)


Maybe the same mission with Masozi has debri fallen from the area she is patrolling, and certain paths are destroyed/blocked.

Maybe Hadron knows how to open doors other do not, or Zola since she lived in this hive(i think). This would be a cool addition for future missions, even if it’s just the room layouts tweaked.

Food for thought!

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That’s funny, I try and avoid Masozi. Why is my pilot yelling at me and giving me mission instructions? Fly the ship and keep it to yourself.


True, I did wonder how Masozi had time to fly and monitor where exactly we are, in such narrow corridors, both in the sky and ground. Maybe she parks somewhere and has lunch?

Still If each level had more of a unique factor, with barrel placement/cover placement/walls destroyed or blocked, that would immerse us to believe we are going all over the hive, instead of (what seemingly feels like) the “same place”.

I know the mission hub is trying to convey we are going to the south sided or north side, but nothing IN the level leads us to believe so.

Maybe even something as flipping/inverting the map, making every right turn a left and so on. But that sounds like asking for too much.

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A lot of people (not FS to my memory) inferred map alterations per run was something we were getting from the beginning, but so far it’s not really there. Linking the style of alterations to the comms director makes as much sense as anything, more so the way you laid it out.

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You mean avoiding Masozi

Isn’t Hadron just Olesya in space when you really think about it?

Perhaps, age-wise. I don’t recall Olesya being so volatile.