Missing details from the Beta back in 2018

Was looking through some old BETA footage from 2018 for V2 and noticed some things that are either no longer working in the current build or are just flat out removed for some reason. I’ve made a list of various things and added timestamps so you can have a look for yourselves.

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTYr0z2WWWQ&list=PLdSHRmQoFA38_uFNqyMTJRcuYmbDy9WnS&index=4

Video 1 Audio

  • Blightstormer Voice lines (Wandering & Teleporting) (15:20)

  • Chaos fanatics had unique zombie like sounds (2:17, 4:55, 11:33 and 15:02 you can hear them approaching)

  • Trueflight Volley had unique equip SFX (1:28, 4:34, 17:26)

  • Chaos Marauder voice line (“it is my time father”) not sure if this one is still in the game, but I’ve definetely not noticed it (11:37)

  • Hookrat insult voice line from queen Kerrilian to Bardin (13:55)

Video 1 Visual

  • Stormfiend Packmaster has yellowish glow (7:50)

  • Burning Visual & Audio Effect when ignited by Warpfire (8:19, you can hear a bubbly sound and a distorted green vignette appears)

  • Weapon sway while moving, jumping, blocking (happens throughout, most noticable when falling 3:33, I would love to see this come back as an option like camera bobbing and camera shake currently are)

  • More varied design of the Chaos Mauler (helmets mostly) (3:16, 4:26, 13:23, 16:49)

Other Things (no footage, but I remember)

  • 1H Swords had a idle animation were the character would touch the blade of the weapon

  • Pushing wilst holding barrels had a unique impact SFX and dealt damage

Video 2 : A VERY early look at Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (OCT 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdybGpUBg_c

  • Chaos Marauders use to be able to wield Axes (4:24)

Video 3: Warhammer Vermintide 2 Closed Beta | Gameplay 1 - Warhammer Vermintide 2 Closed Beta | Gameplay 1 - YouTube

  • Lamp Oil had a more transparent fire effect so it was easier to see through compared to todays VFX (8:44)

  • Fire Walk had a more transparent fire effect so it was easier to see through compared to todays VFX (10:57)

  • You can see Sienna with a Bone Styled piece of headgear, probably from V1 like alot of headgear in the gamefiles (2:07)


The combat in these old demos looks a lot more impactful and reminiscent of Verm1. If I had to guess, some of it may have had to be dropped due to performance issues, to make room for the increased number of enemies. In that regard I’ve always felt that Verm2 was too big a game in the wrong kind of way. Most of the time you end up swinging in amorphous blobs with very little response and it’s nowhere near as memorable as the Verm1 combat experience, in spite of the game still being very fun.

Then there’s a lot of cosmetic stuff that may have simply been lost over time as the game was continuously developed. I’m sad the bilechemist and tentacle sorcerer never made it in. Would have been fun to have enough enemy diversity within each individual faction, so that you could potentially run a map versus a single kind of enemy, be they ratmen, norscans or beastmen. I still return to Verm1 regularly and the game hasn’t lost any of its charm at all, in spite of featuring just rats in a much more limited capacity. Over the last months, in and around Verm2 there have been dropped hints about an upcoming undead faction. I’d like it to be closer in spirit to the first game.

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There’s a Slayer firing a shotgun :smile:

No, that’s just how the game looks on low FoV with low enemy count and unbuilt characters when played by people who aren’t experienced at it. Also known as the fresh install Recruit experience.

There’s a fair bit of difference between the Total Biscuit feel of the combat and the Righteous Stand gameplay, for a example, which ends up being a lot closer to the final experience. Not saying that you aren’t correct, but personally I like the former feel more. I’ve played both Verm1 and 2 on the same FoV and there’s quite a significant difference in the way combat feels between them.

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Yeah Ive had a friend mentioning some details mentioned here before specifically the blightstormer thing that being said going down the list though.

  • Blightstormer’s will still wander around the map assuming they haven’t seen you yet but over the years a lot of the voice lines have been stripped from them to just the one we usually hear nowadays. Sidenote: gas rat’s also have voicelines in the game however the volume on their voice is like deafeningly quiet and they don’t trigger all that often. You can barely decipher it happening by spawning one in modded realm and really trying to hear them.

  • Enemies usually have sound just wandering/horde however I think in an attempt to improve the sound priority system in v2 (think of like quiet disablers) they decided to mute approaching horde sounds which is kind’ve sad.

  • I never knew that trueflight volley thing though I’m kind of glad it’s gone because this would’ve been so annoying to hear/see on repeat throughout a game.

  • Hookrat insult lines are still a thing in the game however the person who is insulted usually has to be hooked 2-3 times in a game before one triggers and it ends up being a 3 line back and forth when it does trigger, though I’ve never heard this one specifically.

  • Stormfiend packmaster’s do have a glow however its more light green now and is tied to one of the visual settings in the game (particle effects i think?)

  • Warpfire burn sound is still in the game however the vignette at the sides was removed imo for the better.

  • Weapon sway is still in the game however and I could be wrong on this if you use the “No Wobble” mod on official it lowers a significant portion of the sway but it would be nice to see weapon sway make a return if I am wrong.

  • Yeah the mauler helmet’s were removed so I hear after the beta because it made them look too much like CW’s in hordes and too much like regular marauders in thinner ambient portions. I like the way they are now however it would be nice to see more enemy design variety within the enemy types.

  • Would be nice to see a clip of this if you could find one. I think the closest thing we have to this now ingame is an animation where after a bunch of rapier light attacks saltzpyre will put the weapon in the center of the screen (technically this is an attack in the game but its really just for show).

  • Shame about the axe loss its way better than that stupid little warpick they have as an alternative weapon.

  • Both VFXs on fires were infinitely better back in the day my god though it mostly likely got nixed because of performance issues. Really sad to see this just not be a thing anymore.

  • Yeah this is definitely just something left behind from v1 days or one of the very many hidden cosmetics in the game that were planned for the emporium but never released.

Also I don’t know if you noticed but in that Empire in Flames vod the level looks way more colorful and vibrant instead of just shades of grey like it does in modern v2, its a real shame we lost this color vibrancy in v2.

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