Missed it!

I didnt’ see the email I cant believe I missed it damn it. Are there olans for any future tests or is it just straight sailing till beta/launch? Hope everyone enjoyed it today though!

Same man. Emails went in junk and only just noticed… Gutted!!!

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Cant believe people where invited and missed I would’ve loved to be involved

a dev already confirmed there will be actual beta testing b4 launch at some point

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Missed it too!

My mail got in the spam filter for some reason. GAH! :confused:

Jaysus wept! I’m in the same boat with the rest of you. That’ll teach me not to check my email more regularly.

I’m now listening to Eddie & The Cruisers ‘On the Dark Side’ but singing ‘On the Darktide…oh yeah’.

Same :frowning: XD missed it by 1 day had work