Misc Bugs still encountering in latest update


All of these issues occured with no discernible packet loss, ping under 30. No anti-virus or VPN running in the background which could cause issues on max graphics settings. There were no discernible frame issues, desync, or other concerns which could have altered the outcomes.

These issues are observed on other players as well as myself and are listed in the order of frequency.

Ragdolling through impassable barriers:

Steps to Reproduce:
Play the game the way it was intended, literally. Since the last update, I have been ragdolled almost every game by miscellanous enemies, barrels, using normal abilities, simply vaulting normally and fallen through the map as the game suddenly no longer knows where I am, thrown out of bounds (into enemy spawn zones and unable to escape), thrown into solid barriers and unable to move such as a wall, barricade, or into an inaccessible area such as a scaffolding or region across an impassable barrier.

While before this was a prevalent issue as Ogryn simply due to the size of the model being easier to phase through obstacles, it’s now happening almost every match simply because of being a melee build puts you in a higher risk than normal of being grabbed by a charger or hit by a ragdoll force.

Core issues that have happened near consistently related to this:

  1. Being anywhere near a wall or barricade when grabbed by a Mutant and having it interrupted, drops the character into said obstacle or barrier and there is a high chance of then either falling through the map into the grayspace beyond and ultimately dying or being sent into a pseudo region of the map such as through a stairwell, through a wall into an unreachable room, or into an enemy spawn zone and subsequently trapped.
  2. Being sniped while falling and not dying can sometimes ragdoll you with enough force to fly across the map. I’ve been shot on some of the interior catwalk areas by a sniper where the force of impact sent me out of bounds but not to my death, ultimately requiring an Alt + F4 to fix (and then losing a Secondary Objective or Consumable item).
  3. Being thrown by a Mutant over a Pox Burster causing it to detonate sends you into the skybox and potentially never coming back down, again requiring an Alt + F4 to fix or in some cases, sending you into an inaccessible area of the map.

Getting Stuck while Mantling:

Steps to Reproduce:
If hit by a ragdoll force while mantling, the animation can get stuck and fail to finish. Locking you in place with no weapon and being immune to damage. Occasionally, this fixes itself by having a Pox Burster, Mutant, or Trapper ragdoll you back out though sometimes it also randomly ends with you falling through the map to your death.

Falling through Elevators while not moving:

Steps to Reproduce:
Twice on Vigil Station Oblivium and several times on Power Matrix HL-17-36, when the elevator starts, you fall straight through out of bounds and die. Moving or being stationary does not seem to increase or decrease the odds though on Power Matrix, moving and hitting the sides of the platform can occasionally send you through it and fall, but the game teleports you right back onto the platform so at least it doesn’t kill you.

No Weapons after being Ragdolled:

Steps to Reproduce:
When being ragdolled by multiple sources at once, occasionally it locks you in the ragdoll animation where you can move but lose access to all abilities and weapons as the game does not register that you are out of the animation yet. This is fixed by doing any action which ragdolls you again but on some maps, can be difficult to achieve readily such as on Comms-Plex 154/2F or Smelter Complex HL17-36 pending area of the mission.

This seems to happen more when a Pox Hound pounces and a Mutant or Pox Burster knocks it off at the same instance it lands (which on Damnation seems to happen more often than not).

Revive stuck at 100%:

Steps to Reproduce:
With multiple sources of Revive Speed increase, the bar sometimes gets stuck at 99-100% on the first try and does not pick the teammate up. Dropping the revive and attempting again seems to always work but it is annoying that the first instance occasionally bugs out. This seems to occur more often than not when the target of the revive is not on flat elevation such as stairs or a vaultable piece of cover.

Snipers firing through solid objects:

Steps to Reproduce:
There are multiple one-way barriers on the map, especially on areas out of bounds but counting as areas in which enemies can spawn. I have seen this mostly on Power Matrix HL-17-36 during the stage before reaching the elevator for the final area. The elevator area is targetable by Snipers spawning at the start of this area and can continue to shoot and hit players despite there being massive, solid LOS blockers of the descent walls all around. While exceptionally rare, it is annoying when it does happen since there is zero counterplay and even hiding on the other side of the central elevator pillar does not block the shots.

The other areas where this is prevalent is pieces of cover, such as crates or sandbags which have even the most minute crack in them. Snipers are able to shoot blatantly through these objects even though the player cannot shoot through the cracks. This is not an issue of a part of the body being seen such as the head and being hit, it’s blatant body shots through the central mass of the cover as if it never existed. This issue does not seem to extend to any other ranged unit in the game, even Flamers which have their projectiles blocked.

Ranged Weapons Not Dealing Damage:

Steps to Reproduce:
This is heavily prevalent on Staffs, particularly the Surge Staff where you can lock onto a target, hit them, watch them covered in lightning and get staggered but take zero damage. This occurs when you are falling, attack immediately (within 1s of seeing a target for the first time such as when a door opens) or being ragdolled, the damage simply gets cancelled out.

On Veteran, this is prevalent on all weapons in the same instances with pre-firing. You get audio registers of critical hits, visible indicators of enemy stagger but they take no damage. Even secondary weapon effects such as Burning stacks don’t proc damage when this occurs.

This is not a case of lag or desync as it consistently occurs only in these specific conditions and can even carry over to melee weapons where the first hit against a target will occasionally not register as dealing damage but still plays a hit audio cue and will stagger an enemy. For melee weapons, this issue seems prevalent on weapons which have the Blessing Brutal Momentum and/or Deathblow.

Powersword Energised Not Registering:

Steps to Reproduce:
Repeatedly on the Mark III Power Sword, attacks with the Energised state do not count as being activated on the first swing but register on the subsequent swings against a target. The animation and visual indication clearly shows it is ignited, it plays the audio sound but does not gain the damage properties of Energised. With the Power Cycler trait, this does not occur.

Staggered Enemies Teleport:

Steps to Reproduce:
With several high rate of fire weapons with knockback such as the Auto Pistol, occasionally enemies which are not killed and continue to be staggered across the ground during a chain fire will teleport through the floor and then reappear in a different location, typically the area where they first started the animation. While not entirely game breaking, it is slightly annoying for close quarter builds since the target can teleport behind you.

Pox Hounds Autolock and Other Issues:

Steps to Reproduce:
Outside of a few rare cases, this seems to be almost guaranteed across every weapon and class. Stunning, pushing, staggering, or otherwise dodging a Pox Hound Leap if the animation started will still teleport the Hound after the animation ends onto you, regardless of distance or proximity, even through floors and walls.

Repeatedly on every map, a Psyker Surge Staff stun locking a Pox Hound from 12+ meters away from an ally will still have the Hound teleport onto them once the stun ends even though the ally is no longer in range, in line of sight, or targetable.

Weapon stagger even when cancelling the Hound animation and staggering them will cause them to immediately teleport once the animation ends.

Ogryn charging through a Hound occasionally causes the Hound to teleport onto the Ogryn, even if the Hound was already on another target.

Hounds which are sent into the sky always teleport right back onto the initial target.

Hounds which are dead and went into the sky but still registered a pounce stun lock you onto the ground with no targetable enemy to clear the stun. No damage is taken but you cannot move or interact. Throwing a grenade, Ogryn Bullrush, etc. does not clear the status effect but a ragdoll force such as by a barrel, Mutant, or similar will clear the status effect.

Chaos Spawn Stun Lock:

Steps to Reproduce:
When grabbed by a Chaos Spawn tendril and in the animation of being pulled apart, if the Chaos Spawn dies during this, you become permanently stunned in the air and unable to move until ragdolled.

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