[Minor bug] Plasma natural cool down stops with certain actions

Plasma guns have that natural cooldown to them, where if you switch to your melee or don’t fire it it’ll still be cooling off, which is neat and all.

Except, it doesn’t seem to work with certain actions, so far I have only noticed two things that’ll stop it.
(Example: If I fired my plasma gun a few times and it went to 93%, doing these actions will cause it to stay on 93 instead of slowly ticking down like it would if I just had switched to my melee.)

  1. Doing the hacking Minigame where you have to click when it’s over the highlighted tile.
  2. Just the action of equipping the Grenade, as in Press G and then don’t do either click.

Will edit if I notice anything else that seems to mess with it, I don’t recall if the scanner does but I’ll have to do one of those missions to check.

Update: It seems to be with most Interactables that it Stops it’s natural cool down.

As I saved an ally from a Trapper and it paused it, and I noticed when opening up the Special Ammo storage lockers in the Raid mission it would pause it.

Didn’t check it out with the Medicae station but yeah, the Plasma natural venting is a bit wonky.