Minimum expectations for what's to come

So far, my experience seem to be that the dragon illusionary (maister) skill is ineffective against dragons.

Walls appear to be hit or miss.

I occasionally use it to hide my effigy behikd it, but trash mobs often ignore it.

The effigy that you can drag around to tank with, keeping your party buffed with the damage buff, and maister skill seem to be the only skills in the Trickster’s kit worth using, leaving them with less actual effective abilities than many of the other vocations and more boring as a result.

You can, of course, use the floor and your floating effigy to troll trash mobs, as shown in the trailers, but it’s a tremendous waste of time and effort to set up when you can simply go in and kick their ass.

You can do some funny stuff against bosses, like placing your effigy very high up vertically, which breals their AI, but Trickster had the potential to be more than just a gimmick vocation if Capcom had spent more attention on it.

The jist of it is that the game is too easy for Trickster to really shine here and you will keep your party safer by killing the bosses faster which makes Tricksters not the tradeoff it should be.

Trickster does not replace the role of the mage and Spearhand can make the whole party invulnerable.

Here’s to hoping the modders can fix it.


I have not seen any mission where the AIG MK V did an insane amount of damages… however, revolver on a veteran and plasma gun need something to be done. And I feel it strange that you quote only the AIG MK V. I would say that the others AIG need a buff, the MKV does not. You can do same or even better damages with a brauto. Combat shotguns are fine and don’t need a buff.

This honestly. But before making the game harder they should get the damage output of all vocations better in line. Otherwise ‘simple’ fixes like giving the enemies more HP will make some classes basically useless damage wise. I also wish they’d lean into class differences a bit more.

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While I agree with you about the state of the Columnus, I would happily take a Columnus nerf if it meant getting more frequent balance patches.

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It would be a nerf for a weapon that doesn’t deserve it and all other problematics weapons (or synergies) would be unchanged…

As an example, Revolver on a vet is insane…

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Columnus on Vet is more insane. Combine Onslaught and you have a higher output of similar DPS versus literally everything because you reload the whole thing instead of one at a time. Revolver is good, but it’s not meta like the Columnus is.


Seriously? I use both
And I stopped using revolver cause it is more than OP on a veteran
You can one shot everything, except monstrosities (yes even crushers)

Show me a scoreboard with 900k damages with a columnus MKV. Never seen that with a MKV but have seen lot of times these amount of damages with a revolver or a plasma gun.

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