Minimum expectations for what's to come

I don’t want to ask a lot, because asking a lot is likely too much for FS to handle, so I’m gonna make my own roadmap, with blackjack and hookers.


I want these patches as soon as possible to make the game just strictly feel better to play. These shouldn’t take too much effort to implement, and after that, take as long as you need to do your major update.

  • Critical bug fixes (e.g. silent specialists)
  • Break the locks
  • Base stat redistribution
  • Further game optimization without relying on DLSS


With all that stuff out of the way, here’s what I wanna see come first:

  • Achievement updates (supposedly they’re working on this first, which is why I put it here. Ideally more bling and more achievements integrated with Steam)
  • More stages in different areas of Tertium
  • Weapon rebalancing (buff combat shotguns, nerf Columnus mk5, etc)
  • Talent tree rebalancing (veteran keystones suck, for one)
  • View/edit operative backstory, personality, name, height
  • A way to earn MTX bucks as a “F2P”
  • New weapons?

These changes will make the game better and hopefully also shouldn’t be difficult to implement, but they do require more thought than a simple band-aid fix.


Stuff that’s big and ambitious and cool but less important than what’s on the table now.

  • New class (Mechanicus?)
  • Chaos Wastes-like gamemode (procedurally generated maps optional) that takes place in Le Mysterious Second Hive City We Don’t Talk About
  • Explore more of the Mourningstar perhaps?
  • New enemies

These might not show up in the upcoming patches and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed if they didn’t. I just want the game to be more fun as it is now.


I would put new enemies in “Soon” (For everything that has something happen this year), and New Faction instead

Also Mechanicus → Archetypes


If by ‘minimum’ you mean ‘what I would consider encouraging enough to bring me back into playing’, my minimum is an update that doesn’t reintroduce old bugs, something interesting and useful with the penance system, and eventually crafting that is at least FUN.

My actual expectations are that what’s to come will be buggy updates with minimal actual change, especially to the slot machine circus.


At this point, if they release a crafting “update” instead of a crafting update, I think we’re all gonna shrug.

I understand this most recent patch isn’t about crafting, and I think we should temper our expectations in that regard. This is about an entirely separate, and supposedly overhauled, separate feature.

Because of that, I don’t have expectations.


For me, I have no expectations. Is that bad?

What I’d like to see is:

Number 1) New levels. And a story arc across them to bring them some coherency.
Number 2) Balance patch.
Number 3) Better Melk.

And then, number 4) - and because of number (2) - a crafting rework as I, in theory, should have to work on about 25 different weapons to try them out!

At the minute I use about 10 or 11 weapons across all my four career types and the chances of me improving them are miniscule given I’m STILL to collect many T4 blessings after 1000 hours! :stuck_out_tongue:

And if I had to give just one “I wish they would just do…” - then I’d probably say: reduce the number of weapons, folks. There are simply too many. And that wrecks the crafting system as much as anything else. And it also means people just don’t bother testing / trying / using many of them because they can never get them as good as their alpha kit.

So: e.g. Just make the variants of the Vraks one weapon; with the choice to slot your own barrel/trigger/whatever to make it in to the equivalent of the mk3 or mk7, or w/e.

Just make one pistol, with your choice of barrel length and cylinder. You can have accuracy, speed, or handling.

Just make one Stubber, with choice of fire rate vs caliber vs range.

Just make one Ripper, with your choice of spread vs etc.

One staff with a different Warp mechanic.

I don’t think it’s too late to do. All these weapon marks are terribad for the game because it means you have to level 70 guns instead of 20 (unconfirmed Jonboy estimate). I don’t think I even care if you have to unlock/buy/spec the components in some way, but having to (for example) earn the blessings on all 4 staffs is just dog poo. Trying to get four 380 staffs each with T4 blessings and Perks is equally dog poo.

Having fewer guns means you can just aim for 20 end game weapons, then flip the loadout to play different styles.


What do you do with melee weapons ? Customisable melee attack combo ?

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Sounds like a plan… :wink:

JUST IN: Assassin Heavy Eviscerator new meta

It’s not a good plan, as it really throw a wrench into the balance by letting every weapon be generalist and not having constraints

nah bro trust me

If you’ve come away thinking that, then I’ve probably not explained it very well :frowning:

What I meant was, something like this:

You’ve currently got a 375 Vraks VII, and a 370 Vraks III - with whatever perks/blessings.

They now become a 375 Vraks and a 370 Vraks. Still with same perks/blessings they had before.

BUT: in the crafting/weapon smith section, you can choose to have a burst trigger - but with lower damage/accuracy, OR you can choose to have a stiff trigger with single shot and higher accuracy.

~ ~ Or something to that effect. I didn’t mean that you could just choose the best characteristics of all the variants to get a high damage, high accuracy, triple shot gun.

It’d always be a trade off, based around how the guns currently function.

The purpose of the change is so that you only have to get a few good Vraks variants (based around base score, perks and blessings), then you could use that as either a mk III or mk VII whenever you liked.


I could see this working for sure. Blessings are already shared between archetypes (e.g. IAGs but not BAGs), so being able to have one base for an archetype and then being able to swap it out as you wish would be a nice QoL change. Would also mean you don’t have to grind all the friggin blessings on four goddamn staves.

I just realized this isn’t what you’re describing in your reply, but it’s kind of in a similar domain, no?


Correct - that’s what I meant across the two posts :slight_smile:

You get the blessings for a weapon genre; it works across all variants.

So once you’ve unlocked the blessings you want for the genre, all you’re really striving for are high base stat and perk combinations. With those combinations giving you different playstyles. If you have several weapons in the same genre, then they might have slightly different base stat configurations, or you could slot different perks/different blessings to suit the team/how you want to approach the level.

Basically = far fewer items to level. You’re carrying the same base stat weapon with perks, but swapping out the firing mechanic. Want to swap a perk for a round - go for it - that’ll be 100 (tbc) plasteel please.

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This is something you can do in HellDivers 2.

Holding the reload button while in a game allows you to adjust the scope’s distance, change the rate of fire (semi, auto, burst), and other settings depending on what weapon/stratagem weapon you are using.

I completely agree that trimming the fat would be beneficial to the game, and I’ve already stated that, for myself, at least, I am uninterested in weapon stats because you always want 80 in all stats, preferably with no margin of error.

There are no intriguing stat balancing acts, like lowering damage for higher attack speed etc, because you just want them all maxed out.

Darktide’s weapon stats are as boring as the early Diablo 3 weapon stats, which had DPS, Crit, Crit Dmg, and Attack Speed as mandatory for all classes and weapons/builds.

The only interesting element of Darktide’s weapons are perks (which are generally boring) and the blessings.

Putting random stats on top of that is basically a waste of time for everyone.


Oh, by the way:

If this new update requires that I play a bunch to unlock new outfits, I’m walking. Fatshark has amply demonstrated that its game tracks basically everything you do already, I’m not investing further time into achievement chasing without more incentive than outfits.

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Honestly, weapon stats, weapon perks, weapon blessings all feel like they were added one on top of the other to frustrate players. “Oh, so close, better luck next time kiddo” energy from a carni scamming you.



Actually ingame unlockable content is what we have been asking for since forever. Now you suddenly just want it instantly unlocked?

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Yes, they did it purposefully to p— you off specifically.

This forum this week is worse than usual. Aren’t you guys happy for Easter?

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I guess we will soon be missing Ragnarok, maybe the water will be stilled somewhat more :person_shrugging:

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You know that not everyone is a Christian right? Also how did my post indicate it was too annoy me specifically. I was stating a grievance I have with the game and how it feels to interact with the system.