Mercenary Career Skill Changes

I believe that a better nerf to merc’s ult would be to have him get less ult charge from enemies hit, or just making it have a longer cooldown. Merc gets a ton of cleave and power buffs, which allow him to get insane amounts of ult CDR by hitting a lot of enemies, and he already gets the highest amount of ult gain from hitting enemies and getting hit. This makes the ult go from something to be saved up to something you spam when it comes up (think about the difference in uptime between WHC and Merc, even though they get the same amount of ult gain per hit)

The CDR change is kinda weird and could be replaced with something else. I understand that removing a mechanic from an ult with talents like the old “Ready for Action” will basically make no one pick it, so there’s no easy way to make it feel balanced since it would need some insane numbers to be useful. At this point the old talent should probably get some number tweaks, added benefits or maybe even a full rework, rather than being a flat CDR bonus. Alternatively, the CDR could get a condition tied to it.

I think that the damage reduction nerf should probably be 30% instead of 25%, but it’s not a big deal.

I would really like it if the shout CC of “On yer feet” would match the revive range to make it more useful and so that it makes more sense for newer players. There could even be some quality of life features like having players auto-block when revived to avoid instantly dying, or even a short time of invincibility.


What difficulty you playing? and consistently winning it with random players?

there was nothing wrong with walk it off, the problem was that the other 2 talents were just worse. why would someone sacrifice 25 thp and 40% dmg reduction for 10 sec for 45% cooldown reduction on an only knockback ult? on yer feet werent exactly a good choice either, it would be a useless talent if no one went down or died and it would be useless if someone died after you used your ult.

Nah, it had way too much versatility from the DMGR + THP, and the strength of it almost made FK completely pointless.

Merc could trade with Minotaurs, with his Ult up.


Walk it Off definitely needed the nerf, and possibly more, it’s just so much packed into 1 ult. I agree Merc’s ability gen modifiers could really do with changing, or the overall CD of the ability, but what I’d prefer to see is the entire ability and talents reworked so that he doesn’t give an enormous amount of THP to the entire team, since sharing defensive buffs is kinda FK’s thing, and Merc does it better since the value of THP is pretty significant. I’d like to see his ability keep with his general theme of offensive bonuses instead of this hugely defensive multi-faceted ability that kinda chokes out other options.


I’m personally an advocate for making the cooldown longer, instead of nerfing his ult generation. Merc is 100% the best career at generating ult charge, with the most ult charge per enemy hit, and per damage received, AND his cleave buffs making hitting more people easier, which makes his already high ult charge per enemy hit even better. This all sounds really ridiculous, but I think it’s really fun and unique that he gets this sorta thing. So I’d go for penalizing it by increasing the total cooldown, rather than remove these aspects of the career. It offsets it while keeping it fun and unique.

As for the talents, I was gonna make another thread about this, but since you made this one I might as well post it here:
Ready For Action: Go back to it not giving thp, go back to 45% CDR. Give it 25% team wide damage reduction.
The loss of thp is enough of a penalty that people won’t automatically pick it because of the CDR, it allows merc to stagger enemies really often, and the DR on demand, on a low cooldown means that it can still be a proper, useful support tool.
Walk It Off: Replace the damage reduction buff for a Healing Received buff (like Boon of Shallya). how much, Idk. 40% sounds good, tbh. This turns it into a more active talent that requires the team to get into the meat of things to really reap the benefit, and still leaves you just as squishy as you were before, and still plays into the theme of “walk that damage off”. For the sake of balance, the healing received buff would need to be applied AFTER the thp that the ult usually gives (let’s not ALSO increase the amount of health the shout gives)

As for On Yer Feet, I got nothin’. I liked your suggestion, though!

This is a brilliant buff in two ways. One is, naturally, because it makes the OYF revive more reliable, as enemies are staggered so the player has a bigger chance to survive getting revived and getting out of his situation. But the increase in stagger radius of the ult also helps combat OYF’s other weakness: The fact that it’s situational.

The real killer of OYF, imo, is that it’s too niche, too situational to be a worthy pick, because it ONLY helps in the situations where your ally is downed and you can’t get to him, which aren’t that common. An increase in stagger radius is an extra bonus that can help the team in other situations as well, alleviating OYF’s problem and making the talent have impact outside of its specific niche situation.

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