Mercantile HL 70-04 Finale

Its amazing, the best in the game and by a lot.

Playing on high int shock damnation, there’s an unending flow of enemies, from all sides, with good variety, not just 90% poxwalkers. Waves of gunners, bezerkers and shotgunners and constant specials. Nothing that isn’t manageable, it wasn’t the highest point of difficulty for the mission, but it is the highest point of concentration. You had to be “on” for the duration. Everyone was fighting on all sides, the whole time. This should be the new standard. Too many mission finales are relaxing more than anything. You can just kick-back and hold a choke point, maybe do a few tasks. I’m sure everyone’s had the feeling of “do I need to be here?” holding the bridges at the end of Vigil Station Oblivium. In general there’s not enough spawn points for enemies, hoards are too small, and no where near enough elites/specials. Anti-climactic.

Mercantile is a breath of fresh air. Hope to see more of this, its some of the most fun i’ve had in Darktide.


There was a LOT I loved about the experience, starting from the team taking a moment to plant an explosive charge on the wall to the end where I had to zip around as a vet to leash the Psyker who was doing his own thing (Still, doing it very well) to being able to close one of the routes they were flooding in from.

It was very active and a lot of fun.

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