Menial weapons and meager numbers

Everything in this game is so similar or minut in diversity that I can’t play it anymore. This game has PvP numbers, like it’s balanced for fairness. It’s a PvE game, no one is going to feel cheated.

I’m bored with having no builds, only the same old thing I always take on everyone unless I willingly gimp myself for a little change. 10% DR vs AoE?? Really? 5-10% power vs Skaven? Come on. All this serves is to pour over wiki pages to find breakpoints in certain weapons vs enemies. Are you really proud of that? Can’t be because if you really took that seriously, you’d make some half decent dummies to test it on.

Everytime this game gets changed it’s a massive chore to make sure certain things didn’t get changed and if they did, what that means to those breakthrough values. I’m not playing League of Legends, can we please treat this like the game that it is? I’m already sick and tired of playing the same maps over and over, can we please not make every aspect of this game as dragged out and stretched as possible? Give me some real numbers to work with, get this 10% DR out of my face.

Or maybe you can actually release something worth a damn. I’ve never felt more ripped off than getting Winds of Magic on release than any game I’ve ever purchased. I had to disable the expansion for weeks after it released because it was so wretched. I’m still not playing weaves. It’s god awful and I hate it. How about you guys start focusing on adding some fun for once instead of grind. You already have the money you stole from me, use it. :fu:


Welcome back, grumpy!

What numbers would you like then? 12%? 100%?

You could at least tell them what would be “worth a damn” to you. Or should they just guess and hope they make you happy the next time?

Again, what would be fun for you?

You gave it to them, don’t be silly.


Well, given the amount of useful information you get from FS, he’s just about right. :rofl:

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So, the builds are too boring, but also too complicated for you? Seems like a struggle, mate.

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I don’t mean to be a bummer, my dude, but there will always be a top-tier in a game as complex as Vermintide. Same with the Diablo 3 season builds; when something is discovered to be the most powerful, choosing something else will always be “Gimping yourself.” Welcome to games that have mechanics.

If you can make everything in a game perfectly balanced and equal, then what’s the point in having the differences? They’re all identical in the end. The differences between the builds in Vermintide are to provide you a wider range of playstyles. If you intend to do the exact same thing on every character… then you’re likely going to use the exact same build.

Also, @EnragedFountain and @Sleezy peg it on the head… do you want multiple builds that are complex and interesting in their own right because of how unique they are? Well, in order to know that it’s a build that hits all the breakpoints you want you’re going to have to do some research…

Or you can just play it anyways and have fun with it. I prefer this option; I don’t really care about the numbers and, as I play, I just sorta get a feel for whether or not I enjoy that build.

It’s apparent that you care enough to play a lot and care enough to come to the forum, but why are you complaining about the same maps? It’s rather complicated to generate these massive, fantastic maps… compared to playing something like Earth Defense Force where every map is just copy-pasted, non-interactive assets.

You’ve, obviously, not played a lot of the games EA has released. Battlefront was an absolute travesty.

I dunno, man, this seems more like something born out of frustration of having back-to-back rough runs for a few days; I don’t understand how this much anger can be generated over a game existing.


Yeah, you’re right in that it’s born out of frustration but it’s nothing the game did to me. It’s the lack of anything to do. I want to play the game but it’s gotten stale. I have nothing to aim for. The weaves are awful. The maps take Fatshart an eternity to release. It’s clear we’re not going to see a career, new weapons, new enemies, new boss or a new character so the only thing I can hope for is for them to change something that already exists.

The weapons are too similar, however. That isn’t something I just threw out to jab at them with. If someone were watching behind my shoulder who has never played this game, they’d have no idea if I was using a different weapon, a different skin, or even if I changed classes because all the weapons behave so similarly. I know they all have combos but that’s really only numbers. The reach weapons are the only ones that seem any different, usually incorporating a lot of thrusts and stuff.

The repetitiveness really starts to sink in when you have no new content and I just really starting looking at the weapons and giving a huge sigh. The bonuses and differences in each weapon isn’t worth the 15 minutes to try and reroll enough times to make myself a new build, especially when I’m walking into it already knowing it’s going to perform worse in most circumstances than something that’s already tried and tested. It’s not fun is what I’m trying to say. It’s not fun to try new things in this game and there’s less and less I care to discover because grinding for the sake of it is not engaging and that’s a problem. It might be my problem because I’ve played over 500 hours but I wanted to voice how upset I am that the expansion I paid full price for basically never added anymore value to my game. That’s it. I’ll leave you guys to your echo chamber to focus on more leaderboard bs.

Now sure this is a rant but FS could really learn something by playing a bit of Deep Rock Galactic.
I’m quite sure the OP would like DRG’s weapon UI where you can see what you’re changing, overclocks and the non-slotmachine nature of changing your build.

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