Medkits not converting temp hp?

Was playing on legend last night, noticed a zealot with 1 green hp and 50 temp hp (126 max) healed with a medkit and was left with 100 green hp, instead of what I thought should have been a full heal.

I also did some tests below (on recruit, for ease of testing):

As you can see here, 27 green hp and 25 temp hp turns into 125/150 green hp. 27 hp + ((150-27) * 0.80) = 125.4, but what about the 25 temp health? Should that not have been a full heal? It looks like medkits now remove any temp health that you have.

Did medkits not used to heal for 80% of your missing health and convert temp health to additional green health?

I didn’t think they ever converted temp health, just healed for 80%.

I could have sworn they used to. The VT2 wiki claims they do. They definitely did in VT1, and part of the reason why people waited until white visioned before using a medkit in both games was that it would then fully heal you because of your newly granted ‘wounded’ temp hp would be added additionally, instead of just healing the 80% you were missing.

But, I have no other source than that so I could be completely crazy.

Looks like medkits used to, but it was an unintended feature and removed in Big Balance Update #4. There seems to be some archived post in this forum about it, but it can no longer be accessed:

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Nice find. I wish they hadn’t archived all those posts…

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