Medkit mechanic discussion

I have been playing alot of Zealot lately and usually like to be under half health. I think (other then friendly fire) there should be a way to cancel other players or bots from using a medkit on you against your will.

Just like a button you can press that would stop the animation and trigger a voice line like “I’m fine” or “hands off”

What do others think?


Yes together with other binds to say packmaster, runner, healing, stay together etc.

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Probably best to do a chat wheel so people could select or make their own phrases

I have hand of shallya
I have NB
Don’t heal me
Get back
Leroy Jenkins
Etc, etc…

Only Waystalker should have the LERRROOOOOY JENKIIIINNNNS Chat wheel. In fact, that’s all they should have on their chat wheel.

that’s funny, most of my runs it’s always either the dorf or pyro that’s rushing forward. i have encountered them so often that i recognise them the moment i see their names. one guy i recognise, will charge forward, aggroing stuff, blocking them, then continue moving forward without killing the elites, so they’re either chasing him or it will come after us and we’ll have to deal with picking up his trail. highly annoying.

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