Med station lohnar

Praise to the writing, never thought a medstation would spark a feeling but here we are, what sort of crime do you have to comit to be punished by having your brain installed on a medstation?

Add the ability to destroy it then give it some good bye lines, actually more lines to everyone would be nice, specially enemies.

More creative guns, how come this is the future and we re stuck with some run of the mill cody doody type guns, is the ip limited or is your permition/capacity to be creative limited? make it out of spite for other uncreative fps’s F em all.
Same goes for melee, i want some non-vermintide friendly weapons.

Also for the movement, shoudn’t there be a run+light attack move? to push the trash and run+heavy to stagger heavies? i know i am giving you more work but since when was life supposed to be easy? i might not talk about it but i have crosses of my own to carry, theres a lot of blood on the money i sent you , gotta give some back.

The illumination is finally perfect, its dark enough.

Charger (real name unknown) is undodgeable please change that.

Nice job overall.