[Marks] Addition of Daily Contracts

I’m fine with weeklies. But with the Requisitorium only cycling once a day, we don’t have enough Marks to do anything more than once a week. As it stands, weeklies can be done in a day. Defeats the purpose of them. Adding dailies will allow players to trickle in some additional Marks to get things they need when they’re trying to gear up for higher difficulties.

Here’s what I propose:

  1. Increase the payout of individual weekly contracts by up to 50%
  2. Increase the requirements to complete said contracts by approximately 50-100%
  3. Increase the 5/5 contract completion bonus by 50%
  4. Add daily contracts that have a max payout of 100 marks each, depending on the type (ie: kill specific targets in melee, ranged, with a specific weapon, deploy X-Amount of medkits/ammo crates, rescue/revive X-Number of teammates, etc).
  5. Having 5, longer weekly contracts and 5 dailies that can be completed casually will allow players to gain more marks and cherrypick gear.

At the moment, with the Requisitorium working the way it does, and the limit on Marks designed the way it is, this feels like we’re playing a WORSE version of an MMO with timegate mechanics on gear. Getting gear should be relatively easier than it currently is. Getting the STATS you want/need being harder is fine, but as it stands we’re basically banging our heads against the wall. This is not the definition of “fun” and “engaging” gameplay. It’s just a chore.