Map characteristics, secondary missions, quality of life changes

Hello dont know if this will get seen but i think a potential for both making maps unique and secondary missions could be this;

Adding specialized and/or optional enemies like how the daemon host is. I think adding like VIP enemies like maybe a shotgunner with full carapace more HP and maybe a one time barrier shield so they cant just be picked off right off the bat, with a special squad like the the traitor guardsman with carapace helmets and slight more hp. They do more damage but a little harder to kill and maybe 2 helmet carapace gunners too. They could be on the sand map with the big hangar bays in coners areas that are easy to see but enough room to move around them as an option enemy or maybe as a secondary mission.

Theres also in like the “hab dreyko” there could be random taller pox walkers that are stronger like mauler equivelant but rather what they dont have in armor is replaced with more HP like maybe a little less than the charger mutant. That would be a fun secondary mission to do, and it makes it a little more intense and maybe either keep them specific to that map or branch them out in hordes or areas like the train area where it makes sense. Things like that would bring some unique characteritics to the each map, um you guys could think of much more and already more secondary missions in mind but i think this would make the game more fun and make players more cautious of the mission bringing up more intensity.

Lastly some quality of life changes maybe for picking missions and waiting in the ready screen you could have timer paused until someone readies up cause im sure a lot of player wouldnt mind waiting 3 to even 10 minutes to get a full team or a trio. Adding to that maybe you guys are waiting to release it but being able to see your allies weapons load out would be nice cause i readied up as a full team of sharpshooters and we all had plasma guns im sure 2 of us would have switched weapons if we knew. Thats about it the only thing more i could ask for is more to the meatgrinder like an area where you can take damage or have a mode for the grinder where you can activate an enemy and practise with it. Maybe make it so only one can spawn at a time?

Thats all i have im pretty sure this wont come to light cause already so much being asked but the if anything id like to at least have the quality of life stuff added.