Man who the hell over there things 72 hours of ONLY increased/decreased hordes is fine?

You only have 4, and 2 are pretty much up CONSTANTLY, yet you throw them up with the longest idiotic timers, pretty much killing any real gameplay alterations to happen. Already finding it hard to even log in because there is just nothing happening with events.

As with everything in this game it is entirely RNG and there is absolutely no system in place to mitigate it.

This is also how a mission can roll… The exact same mission with the exact same secondary mission with the exact same modifiers after expiring…

But you see, coming back every once in a while to see if the game is finally enjoyable is FatSharks signature move. It worked in the long term for VT2, why shouldn’t it work in the short term?

After all, they got millions of dollars from selling an unfinished product, and selling cosmetics in that unfinished product, why not try to milk it for all it’s got?

Screw the customers, screw the employees that have to deal with the backlash, let’s make some money.